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Carlo GentenaarCarlo Gentenaar The Netherlands✭✭ John Le Voi
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Hi, does anyone know of any nice clarinet intro's for any song in the general gypsy jazz repertoire and in particular Swing 42 and Stomping' at Decca. We're looking for the riff type like Django's Belleville intro's and/or something like the violin intro on Thomas Dutronc's Veish a no drom. Thnx, C.


  • TubaphoneTubaphone Kansas Mateos Django
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    PapsPier, a member here, has a great website with all kinds of things transcribed from the era of Django with clarinet:

    He has Belleville transcribed note for note in both C and Bb, plus grilles and historical info and more, just as one example for a tune that you mentioned:

    It's a fantastic resource, particularly for those of us trying to navigate this music with Bb instruments and players...
    Carlo Gentenaar
  • Carlo GentenaarCarlo Gentenaar The Netherlands✭✭ John Le Voi
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    Thanx Tubaphone, a very resourceful website indeed! Many of the transcription files are in .tg format though. Any idea which program that is?
  • PapsPierPapsPier ✭✭
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    Hi Carlo
    Tuba was faster to answer than me :) Thanks for the publicity!

    On each page, you will find the transcriptions written in a classical format (notes/solfege) in pdf files. There are two different files: one in C for guitarists and one in Bb for clarinet players.
    Then if you do not read music, I put the transcriptions in a tab format for guitarists. These tab transcriptions are available in the free format .tg. You can open them with an open source software called TuxGuitar(equivalent to GuitarPro). Adrian Holovaty and his team at Soundslice was kind enough to add the possibility to convert my TuxGuitar files into Soundslice slices.
    So all the transcriptions on my website are also available on my Soundslice channel.(Really useful tool to practice if you dont use it yet. You can loop, slow down, transpose so easily).
    Carlo Gentenaar
  • Carlo GentenaarCarlo Gentenaar The Netherlands✭✭ John Le Voi
    Posts: 77
    Excellent! Thank you for your reply!
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