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Like a Twitter for licks and transcriptions

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The cat's out of the bag on this, since @PapsPier has posted about his Django transcriptions in another thread, but I wanted to make an announcement anyway...

At Soundslice, we've launched a thing called Soundslice Channels. It's a community of people posting little snippets of transcribed music. For example, on my own channel I post licks I've transcribed, musical ideas I've had recently, things I'm working on, etc. I try to post something daily or every other day.

It's kind of like a Twitter for music snippets — you can follow people, see a timeline of people you follow, post comments, etc.

There's also a concept of "covering," where you can post your own version of another person's lick. Here's an example (click "Covers" at left and you'll see all the other people who have covered it). Personally I find this to be a nice motivation for learning new licks/pieces — posting a cover gives a sense of accomplishment and a public record of what I've learned.

There's also a search engine that lets you search across everything.

Give it a shot — it's free to use. I'm hoping this becomes "a thing" for musicians; there hasn't been a proper online community built around people sharing musical ideas, with a focus on the music as opposed to gear, culture and all the non-music things.

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