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Stimer reissue ST48 (FOR SALE!) ($250)

This pickup is an authentic Dupont reissue model.
I no longer want it because I never use it.

It is full functional and I even had a custom est. 12ft Mogami cable made just for this pickup to ensure quality tone.
I am including the cable for free since I no longer need it.

This is a reissue of the Stimer single coil pickup used by Django Reinhardt in the 1940s. It has the classic Django electric tone and is very resistant to feedback. Ideal for those who need to play at very high volume levels. Sounds fantastic through nearly any amp or PA.
No installation is required. The soundhole clip will secure the pickup without any additional modifications. Some people also use some Schertler adhesive putty to keep the pickup secure.

Many find that a right angle cable is more comfortable and prevents the pickup from getting knocked out of place.
- Magnetic pickup, single coil
- Length: About 140 mm(5.5 in)
- Thickness: About 8 mm (0.31 in) under the string
- Integrated volume potentiometre
- Nickel-plated brass cover
- Back in nickel plated steel with anti-slipping protection
- One fixing leg for small “O” type soundhole
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