Can anyone explain to me...

TommasinoTommasino Alexandria, VANew
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This is not exactly a Gypsy or Musette accordion question, but since it's been bugging me for years, I thought I'd ask it here.

German and Tyrolean accordionists produce repeating 3 or 4-note chords with blinding speed--like 16th notes as fast as 116 beats to the minute.

What type of accordion is capable of doing this and, most importantly, how is it technically achieved on the player's part? The hand cannot go up and down on the same keys as fast as that!

Thanks for dispelling the clouds on this.



  • CuimeanCuimean Los AngelesProdigy
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    Perhaps they're using a bellows shake. On the new Taraf de Haidouks DVD, one of the accordionists holds chords with his right hand while rapidly shaking the bellows with his left hand. The result is like a musical drum roll.

    I've seen Phil Cunningham play super fast grace notes by hitting his middle finger, index finger, and thumb in rapid succession on a single key.
  • brandoneonbrandoneon Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, France✭✭✭
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    Expanding on Cuimean's idea, there is a modified bellows shake known as the bellows ricochet. This requires the bellows to be in a nearly closed position, and you alternately compress each bellows edge, one at a time. Hard to describe, but (for me) even harder to execute! :D

    BTW, new Taraf DVD = way cool. Cuimean, are you referring to the accordionist who plays the jazzy interludes with the pianist on the Union Chapel video?
  • cmlawsoncmlawson Chandler, AZNew
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    Is the name of that DVD you're talking about is:

    The Continuing Adventures of Taraf De Haidouks

    Sorry if it's a silly question but I'm just getting started in tracking other accordion players down and this sounds like something I should check out.

    Chad Michael Lawson
  • brandoneonbrandoneon Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, France✭✭✭
    Posts: 171
    There are no silly questions, even regarding the accordion. :lol:

    Yes, that is the DVD we are speaking of. I highly recommend it. Especially if you are a musician and are looking for a humbling experience (impossibly fast tempi, incrdedible technique to drool over, etc.). In addition to this amazing live footage, I feel the DVD does a great job documenting the creation of a musical experience (in the chapter 'No man is a prophet in his own land').

    Let me know if you have any other questions about the accordion, or accordionists to listen to. You'll find quite a lot of names already discussed in this section of the forum for accordionists that play jazz, 'gypsy jazz', and more "popular" styles.

    - Brandon
  • cmlawsoncmlawson Chandler, AZNew
    Posts: 2
    Thanks for your answer and time. I just got hold of an accordion and I want to start woodshedding on it a little bit. I love this style of accordion. Glad to hear there are others out there working towards the same thing. :)

    thanks again,
    Chad Michael Lawson
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