new and looking for teacher in Philly

Hi all,
I'm a long fan of this music but new to the forum and wanting to study how to play it more. Are there any players in Philadelphia and any teachers they'd recommend? I'd say, let's get together and play if you're in the area, but I've been mostly a bluegrass mandolin player for the last ten years so it'd probably be disappointing for you!!! Glad to be a new member of this forum!


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    Hey welcome.
    Start with checking out the Hot Club of Philly website, there's a mention of a jam at the Rollers restaurant and the leader Berry is giving lessons too. I don't know him but people in this genre are approachable and welcome beginners so I'd get in touch with him.
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  • adrianadrian AmsterdamVirtuoso
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    No idea whether he still lives in Philly, but try getting in touch with Kruno Spisic:
  • sbrigersbriger New
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    Ok thanks guys. I'll check those options out. I actually live really close to Rollers so I'll see what the jam is like.
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    Haven't heard anything about Kruno in a long time, is he still active in the gj scene?
    Every note wants to go somewhere-Kurt Rosenwinkel
  • jonpowljonpowl Hercules, CA✭✭✭ Dupont MD-100, Altamira M01F
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    Back to Hot Club of Philly's Barry Wahrhaftig, there is some excellent stuff on his web site including Lessons, Charts & Transcriptions.
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    Also if you are really new to GJ it would be a good idea to buy Gypsy rythm and Gypsy picking books written by Michael. Sometimes its better to start with a book, get the basics down and then go take some private lessons.
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