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A Lover's Spat at Jimmy's Bar

gatsbygatsby United States✭✭✭✭
The scene takes place at Jimmy's Bar in the thirties...


Man (drunk) : Sweet Sue… Confessin’… I’ve found a new baby… Exactly like you… Out of nowhere… I know that you know.

Woman : You’re driving me crazy ! Runnin’ wild ! Bouncin’ around !

M : Darling, je vous aime beaucoup… We were so young… Lady, be good…

W : What a difference a day made… !

M : I saw stars…

W : Lover, come back to me… J’attendrai !

M : I wonder where my baby is tonight… Why shouldn’t I ?

W : Are you in the mood ?

M : In a sentimental mood…

W : Baby, won’t you please come home ? Chinatown, my Chinatown !

M : I’ll never be the same. For sentimental reasons…

W : Smoke gets in your eyes… I love you. Body and soul. I can’t give you anything but love !

M : What is this thing called love ?

W : It was so beautiful… Souvenirs… Ton doux sourire…

M : I’ve had my moments. I can’t believe that you’re in love with me. It don’t mean a thing.

W : You took advantage of me ! Night and day !

M : Keep cool ! Sophisticated lady…

W : I’ll never smile again… What kind of friend ?! Lover man ! Just a gigolo !

M : To each his own… All the things you are… Some of these days… Solitude… Sometimes I’m happy.

W : Please be kind…

M : Liza… The object of my affection…

W : The man I love… Où es-tu mon amour ?

M : At Jimmy’s bar… Don’t worry about me. I’ve got my love to keep me warm.

W : My sweet… It had to be you.

M : I won’t dance… It might as well be spring. Double whisky, China boy !

W (leaving) : When day is done… After you’ve gone… I’ll see you in my dreams. Hot lips… All of me… Dream of you.

M : Just one of those things… Sweet Sue…

altonBill Da Costa Williams


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