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Django posthumously ripped off?



  • karmarkarmar New
    Posts: 9

    Jasper wrote: " I typed "Stéphane Grappelli" into the blank to sign up repeatedly and had that turned away as an incorrect answer. Your system should be programmed to accept any spelling of Grappelli's name that indicates that the typist knows the answer if not being able to spell it correctly. And also to accept Grappelli's name in any language relevant to his life experience. When I finally typed "Stephane Grappelli" instead of "Stéphane Grappelli" I was accepted. This is not right. At the very least the Italian "Stefano" which was his legal name for the first decade or so of his life should be allowed. While I'm here, the only way we can get Captcha to stop using photos wherein someone of my age can't recognize the speck that is supposed to be the bird that the instructions ask for is to stop using Captcha and stop paying them. LOSING MONEY will cause them to buckle and use more reasonable anti-robot visual identifications."

    AH HA! Michael's robot catcher caught you! Only a robot would know how Grappeli actually spelled his name!

  • MichaelHorowitzMichaelHorowitz SeattleAdministrator
    Posts: 5,920

    @kamar So sorry for the confusion regarding the registration question. I added "Stéphane Grappelli" as a valid answer to the registration question so that should prevent any problems in the future.



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