gypsy jazz players in New Orleans?!

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Hey everyone, Was wondering if anyone is down here who plays gypsy jazz. Is there a community down here? Any jams? I'm here for a few days con guitar, and it would be great to meet some other players.

Much thanks,


  • ScoredogScoredog Santa Barbara, Ca✭✭✭✭
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    I know of "The World's Finest Apples". Check their FB page.
  • Django a la creole is worth a listen anytime and any of the band would know where the GJ scene is. Evan C cl. Dave and Don guitars.
    The Magic really starts to happen when you can play it with your eyes closed
  • bopsterbopster St. Louis, MOProdigy Wide Sky PL-1, 1940? French mystery guitar, ‘37 L-4
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    Russell Welch is there. He's a great player and a nice guy. Isn't Tony Green still there?
  • bimbombimbom
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    Thanks everyone.. this was very helpful
  • elropoelropo tampa bay, florida✭✭ Gitane D500 modified
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    Also Hot Club of New Orleans. Check them out as well
  • bm7b5bm7b5 New Orleans✭✭ Dupont
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    Hey guys. Tony still has a place here but spends most of his time in Milan these days. I'm here holding it down, please get in touch anybody that comes to visit! Also for an extra, here is a video for a song on my new album Mississippi Gipsy (shot in my apartment, Tony's old studio in the 1/4. Song starts 1:12). Cheers!
    "Metaphysical Comedy" - The Russell Welch Hot Quartet

  • tophtoph ✭✭
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    Walk down Royal Street in the day time and you'll see some great trad jazz and hot jazz. Often you'll hear a django tune or two. And there's some great manouche guitarists who sit in with folks on the street. There's several bars on Frenchman near Royal where you can catch swing and hot jazz and occasionally some straight ahead gypsy jazz.
  • ChiefbigeasyChiefbigeasy New Orleans, LA✭✭✭ Dupont MDC 50; The Loar LH6, AJL Silent Guitar
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    Bimbom: sorry, I've been out of town this weekend or I would have given you the personal tour. If you're still in town let me know and I'll hook you up.

    Your request does bring up something for me, however. I've been studying on my own for 18 months, and I'm ready to find a player or two or three that wants jam/practice/develop his/her skill. I've been playing guitar all my life and have fronted a couple of New Orleans R&B/Texas Blues bands semi-professionally. I've worked up a pretty good level of skill as a soloist and rhythm player, so now I'm looking for interested parties who want to improve their skills.

    Guitarists and bassists are most welcome, as are any violinists or accordionists. I'm a day job guy, but I think I can scare up the occasional gig after awhile at the local coffeehouse, just to get out and play for someone.

    I've tacked up a card at the Neutral Ground Coffeehouse which features various acoustic performances nightly and a weekly open mike. No takers so far. I'm widening my scope here, to see what develops. May end up on Craigslist, but would rather not sift through too many dead-end responses.

    So, anybody in New Orleans where "I'm at," as we say down here. Don't be shy. I'll take you on if you're a interested beginner and show you the ropes, or I'll play rhythm for you if you need the accompaniment. I just miss playing in a live interactive session. Computer rhythm tracks and Band-in-a-Box will only get you so far.
  • bimbombimbom
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    Thanks again for all the feedback. I was able to meet up with Christopher Kohl from Hot Club of NO and sit in for a few tunes on frenchman st. I also was able to get in touch with Russell who was kind enough to let me play a tune on his Dupont when I didn't have my guitar on me!

    Chiefbigeasy, I saw your message a bit too late but I would be happy to come play next time I'm in town.

    NOLA is an amazing place.. I hope to be back soon.
  • jaccordijaccordi New
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    I'm a professional accordionist (and pianist) who is here in New Orleans looking around for gigging opportunities - I do many styles of music, some jazz, open to exploring gypsy jazz, so if you have time, have a look at: and/or search for Jon Persson . . .

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