rhythm guitar-only track of "Gonzalo" rhythm method

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Hey Gypsy rhythm guitarists! I'm reaching out to someone who really has the "Gonzalo" rhythm method down (Gypsy rhythm, absent the upstroke on beats 1 and 3) who would create an mp3 of both a slow tempo and fast tempo of a complete tune, without any accompaniments, that I could download and learn from. I know there are demonstrations of the method out there on the web, but being just demonstrations or performances filled in with other instruments, these haven't been helpful enough for me to get my rhythm where I feel confident in this style. What I'm hoping for is a generous person who wouldn't mind recording himself or herself playing two standard Gypsy jazz tunes (e.g. Minor Swing, Minor Blues ... one medium-fast tempo and one slow tempo) and make an mp3 of them so that it could be downloaded. That way, I can place it in Garageband, which would then allow me to play along and practice with it until I get my sound to match. Does anyone know if there is some dropbox or something similar that would allow one to download an mp3? Or, If this is too much to ask on this forum, and you are aware of a site that has someone playing a complete tune using the "Gonzalo" rhythm method absent the upstroke on beats 1 and 3 and absent of any accompaniment, let me know. If you are willing to help me personally, just private message me on this forum. Merci Beaucoup!
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