QuadropentaQuadropenta New England USANew
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Is anyone familiar with this tune
(and know of an online mp3 where I could hear it)?

Its by Romane from his first CD.
Tom Conway on a CD Baby mp3 plays the head and
there's a Romane solo at the Calabash Music site
Great tune--spooky vibe.

Here is a very rough notation.
It really is much more subtle than this...


  • JackJack western Massachusetts✭✭✭✭
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    Hi Joel,

    So many questions:
    I assume from your edit that you sprang for the .99 cents? What program are you using to write out your music? And where in NE are you?

    Also, there's a transcription of the tune in L'Esprit Manouche, now on sale!

  • QuadropentaQuadropenta New England USANew
    Posts: 116
    Hi Jack-
    Questions are good...:^)
    Tom Conway's CD seems to be unavailable.
    The melody was played completely in its CD Baby mp3.
    The Calabash site has most of a Romane solo in its
    40 second freebie mp3. Will probably buy the tune there.
    I'm a swing violin player, mandolinist and rhythm guitarist
    living in Maine near Portsmouth NH. Playing recently with
    some of the musicians in the Hot Club of Portland.
    Should say Hi in a more formal way here...
    The program is Band in a Box. Very useful for making lead sheets.
    Unfortunately, without a midi keyboard the program forces you into
    certain "rhythmic straightjackets" resulting in inaccurate melody.
    Anyone using the chart with me is playing rhythm or improvising
    though, and I play from memory. BB is a fantastic tool and a real
    bargain. This chart is jammed on to one page. Usually the look is
    cleaner and easier to read.
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