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Perhaps one of you wise sages could suggest a breakdown of how one might spend his time learning to play this style of music. I would like to think that I am spending my time well but I must admit that I am not making much progress.




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    George, First off let me say my practice routine is probably much different than most other people. I am a Jazz guitar student so some of the things I do my not be as applicable to everyone's Gypsy Jazz goals. I usually start out just playing scales (yes I know after a while it gets kind of mindless but nothing like running a few scales in all 12 keys to warm up the fingers). Also I tend to practice what I like least first. This way I don't spend an hour and a half Jamming along with Robin Nolan and then put off practicing my sight reading for another day. So I sight read everyday first off(not that I dislike doing it, but I have only been reading for Guitar for about two years so I am behind Horn players that have been doing it for ten years) . Is this necesarry to play this music maybe not, but it has damn sure helped me. Then I practice Improvising and playing Rhythm. I usually practice over tunes some Gypsy style stuff some Bebop I don't separate the styles of Jazz I play though. I am just just as likely to play a Gypsy sounding line over Confirmation as I am to play a Burrell or Grant Green sounding line over Douce Ambiance. I tend to practice whatever tunes at slower tempos so that I can concentrate on what I am playing. And most important Always with a metronome.

    Well thats mine hope it helps. And any of you guys what to suggest something for my routine please do tell. MIchael what was your routine like at Berklee? Similair? Different?
    This doesn't include actual jamming which because of Geography I get to do little of except at school. Jamming is important in my oppinion.
    Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn't work hard.
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    I never really thought about sight reading/ have to admit it's not one of my favorite things (I am a fiddle player who is learning guitar). I do sight read with the fiddle but just am not quite that comfortable with the guitar yet. I am still learning the finger board.

    Good to see that there are some be boppers playing gypsy I would not separate them either. I can almost hear charlie parker playing much of what django did.


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    I used to play violin George, its a lot easier to sight read on violin than it is guitar. Don't ask me why but something about the guitar just does not lend itself to sightreading.

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