Andreas Oberg in Portland !

lmntrylmntry Portland , Oregon✭✭✭✭
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Hi all:

Andreas Oberg will be here in Portland , Oregon , January 10th through 17th!!.. and has made it known that he intends on working while here,.....
so he will be offering an additional workshop or two.

Workshop will be :
2 hours in length
Held Saturday afternoon/early evening

Limited to first 5 applicants for personal attention.

Workshop will be an overview of Gypsy jazz staples and techniques
such as:

1. working on some standard songs and for these songs:
teaching rhythm
teaching chord-shapes
teaching arpeggios
teaching picking patterns and reststrokes
teaching solo-lines
teaching improvisation over chord-patterns(cliches like bridge of
Stompin at Decca etc.)
Your own ideas are also welcome of course:)

Private lessons are also available .

Contact me at
<!-- e --><a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a><!-- e -->..... to reserve a slot.

(P.S.) There is 1 slot open for the 6 hour master class !



  • AndreasObergAndreasOberg Stockholm,SwedenModerator
    Posts: 522
    Except for the gypsy stuff, I'll be going through some bop phrases that can be used in Gypsy Jazz if people are interested.
  • PhilPhil Portland, ORModerator Anastasio
    Posts: 766
    Last night I had the great pleasure of meeting & seeing Andreas
    Oberg sit in with the 'Djangophiles' for an hour at a small restaurant
    in the Pearl District in North West Portland.

    Let me tell you...Andreas is here to play!

    Anyone who is the least bit interested in guitar, jazz guitar, gypsy-
    jazz guitar needs to get to one of his shows this weekend...players
    of this calibre dont come to Portland very often.

    If you've ever wondered how these gypsy licks are played, come out
    and see them first hand from a master of the technique. Andreas has
    such a fluid right hand technique, which results in an amazing tone.

    Andreas plays Fri Jan 13th at Mississippi Pizza, Portland


    Sunday Jan 15th at Alberta St. Pub, Portland

    here's a pic from last night's gig...

    Andreas, welcome to Portland! It's good to have you in town.


  • nwilkinsnwilkins New
    Posts: 431
    now those are some CRAZY pants!!
  • AndreasObergAndreasOberg Stockholm,SwedenModerator
    Posts: 522
    Hehehehe, I'm glad you like them Nick :D
    It's a famous Swedish jeans company who's making them, really nice for cold winter days :wink:
    All the best
  • PhilPhil Portland, ORModerator Anastasio
    Posts: 766
    Here's some photos from last nights gig at Mississippi Pizza in Portland, Oregon. Andreas Oberg on lead, Ted Gottsegen & Michael Horowitz on rhythm guitars and Michael Papillo on double bass...enjoy!

    Phenomenal show! The place was packed and Andreas brought the house down! I met a few folk after the show who hadn't heard of him prior to this show and didn't know what to expect and they we're lost for words. Andreas and gypsy jazz seems to have gained a new following. The show was great. Highlights were many: Body & Soul was stunning, as was Troublant Bolero which he turned into a blues in E, Nuages was a creative original rendition, I loved the groovy feel to See You In My Dreams, they played burning rendtions of Micro, Minor Swing, Limehouse Blues etc... I hope DFNW is listening, as it's time to invite Andreas to the festival.
    Now I do the 6hour workshop, where the bloody hell do I begin?? :shock:

    ...this post wouldn't be complete without mentioning Ted & Michael on rhythm guitars who were rock solid all night long and provided the driving force along with Michael Papillo on bass, which allowed Andreas free range to do his thing...job well done!

    cheers, Phil
  • MichaelHorowitzMichaelHorowitz SeattleAdministrator
    Posts: 6,153
    Hi Phil,

    Thanks for the pics and the kind words. We had a great time in Portland! Thanks to Dave for putting this all together and a big thanks to the Portland Gypsy jazz community which came out to support this event.

    I can confidently say that Andreas is the best musician I've ever played with. He's one of the very few Gypsy jazz musicians who truly improvises...and not just his solos. The entire show! We had no idea what he was going to play, what kind of tempo/time changes he'd throw at us, etc. Now that's jazz!

    I've already been pestering Nick to bring him to Djangofest...keep your fingers crossed!

  • djangologydjangology Portland, OregonModerator
    Posts: 1,018
    another pic:
  • AndreasObergAndreasOberg Stockholm,SwedenModerator
    Posts: 522
    I'm on my way home now after a great week in Portland and Seattle.
    A big thanks to Dave Stassens who brought me over and the PDX Gypsy Jazzers who came along to the shows and the masterclasses.

    Thanks to my friends and co-players Michael Horowitz and Ted Gottsegen + Michael Papillio and Tim Renner who played bass. Finally a thanks to my host Billy Joseph and his wife Joanna.

    I hope to be back soon, hopefully to some of the Djangofests together with Michael and Ted. The future will tell..

    Best Regards
  • Posts: 101
    congratulations on a successful trip Andreas, if only all of America was as welcoming as Seattle!
  • ViejoVatoViejoVato New
    Posts: 80
    Hello from DFSW .. once again we are opening up the camp for DFSW no. 2...
    I actuallly emailed Andreas and he answered me .. this is one of the things that draws me deeper into this music... most of the stellar players are really down-home kinda folks ...

    Anyway, we can't do it this year but we will be in touch with Michael and Ted up in the NW and see if there's a possibility of getting Andreas back next spring ...
    I realize that schedules are difficult to predict etc. ... but as my granny once said "be bold, ask anyway and be gracious in defeat"

    So we'll see ...
    take apeek:

    milz y debs
    Rancho LocaRosa
    "I don't know where I'm going but I'm on my way"
    my granny 'Meme' Foster circa 1998 at age 102
    Django Jerry Jam - home grown GJ & Dead Ahead pickin'
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