Accordina Players in the US

cbwimcbwim ✭✭✭
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Am curious if there are other Accordina players in the US. Let me know here. Thanks!


  • ChadChad Bellingham, WashingtonNew
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    Thats the next instrument I want to get. ;-)
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  • cbwimcbwim ✭✭✭
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    I've been really having fun with mine! I have two now. One by Marcel Dreux and an old one by Borel from the 1950s. The Borel is actually the superior instrument, or will be once I restore it. The reeds on the Borel operate at less pressure compared with the Dreux. Its range is a minor 3rd lower. Also, its about 200 grams lighter and a bit easier to hold.

    Am hoping to make some of these myself someday (mostly for local consumption - I'm usually too busy making wooden flutes for the Celtic flute community). Having a bit of a time finding a reedmaker who would supply brass or stainless steel bladed reeds. None of the Italian reedmakers who supply most of the world's accordion builders seem to want to do business, though I did find one source for Binci and Salpa reeds. However, these are for standard accordion reeds with carbon steel blades. In the meantime I hope to make some prototypes using salvaged accordion reeds, reeds taken from inexpensive Melodicas, etc.
  • BohemianBohemian State of Jefferson✭✭✭✭
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    What about some of the new stainless steel reeds... ?

    Interesting you prefer the Borel.... I turned one down becuase I thought the Dreux would be better...

    then never did order the Dreux because of the exchange rate..
    hopefully that will be favourable once again.

    I would like to get and play, an accordina.

    I have been playing diatoinic accordeons for ma number of years... I prefer the accordina's size and flexibility.

    I'll assume that you are playing the instruments fashioned after the same keyboard arrangement as a continental chromatic accordeon... though Dreux is now making diatonic Accordinas.
  • brandoneonbrandoneon Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, France✭✭✭
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    This is unrelated to players in the US, but since there's no accordina forum I'll add it here. There's a new album out with Samson Schmitt and Ludovic Beier, where he only plays on accordina (a Dreux model).

    Click the link for samples:

  • BohemianBohemian State of Jefferson✭✭✭✭
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    Excellent! Thanks for the link.
  • cbwimcbwim ✭✭✭
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    I am actually looking into making these instruments, which was one reason why I purchased the Borel. After 30 years making flutes for Irish music I occasionally need a new challenge, so Accordinas. Most everything is within my capacity or that of a local CNC shop that I'll be working with. Then there is the issue of reeds.

    I've contacted a number of different reed makers in Italy asking for a quote for reeds of a certain range. Even though they mention they will work with brass and stainless steel, most have replied that they don't and most have replied that they can't help me and to look elsewhere. I think they are probably uncomfortable working with prototypers or perhaps I don't fit into their business model profiles. I did get a quote from a Czechoslovakian reed maker - but they required that I commit to 200 sets of reeds at 175 Euro. I don't have $50K laying around for a prototyping project!

    In the meantime I'm collecting old accordions and gutting the reeds and experimenting to see if these reeds could be adapted. One idea was to gold plate them or coating them with a polymer somehow to make them moisture resistant. These will be good for prototyping. I did find one accordion repair firm who can sell me new Binci or Salpa reeds eventually. In the meantime my CNC guru and I have come up with a process for making reed parts based on the Borel reeds that we'll pursue. I'd prefer to make these myself anyway, rather than become dependent upon some supplier far away!

    I like Schmitt and Beier's new CD - I like the scope of just a single guitar and Accordina. Someday I'll be up to both via a looping pedal! Also responding to above, both of my Accordinas are C system.
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    To answer the question of if there are any Accordina players in the US, the only one I know of is Julian Labro. I believe he is the N. American rep for Marcel Dreux. And if you contact Dreux for an accordina and are English speaking you go through Julian for help with sales choices. I played one that a player in MA ordered this way over the summer. It was very fun, although not at all as loud as I anticipated.

    I do not play the accordina, but I purchased a Mylodica because I fell in love with the sound and verve of Ludovic's playing on it. His version of Isn't She Lovely on Youtube I find incredible.

    Galliano has a very different way of playing it, and I love that he treats it as a solo instrument creating compositions/arrangements on it. He really finds a way to create different textures out of just monophony, check out 'Caruso' on Paris Concert.

    The Accordina is definitely an enviable instrument, there is nothing like it for the Piano Accordionist.
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  • Shane013aShane013a New
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    I would love to be an Accordina player. As it is I do play around a dozen different instruments, mostly wind, and while in France recently found the prices too restrictive to bring one back. I'm fully willing to buy a 'prototype' or used one if it's fully playable. I can't wait to have one of my own. I've played blues harp since I was 15. The Accordina is so much more expressive to me besides it would be a gas to find some jazz musicians who would jam with me.
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