Samois 2012 - Who is Going?

flip-guitarflip-guitar ✭✭
edited June 2012 in Europe Posts: 21
Going to to Samois for the first time this year, really looking forward to the whole experience. Just wondered if any forum members, especially from the UK, are going. It would be great to meet and jam with people who I feel I know, even though its just from semi anonymous forum posts!

If anyone is thinking its too late to book camping I booked at Le Petite Barebeau late last week using the email <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->

Hope to meet as many players as possible and see if I can remember all the tunes I've learned, I'm hoping for a ratio of tunes learned/tunes able to play at 100%/30% and i'll be happy :lol:



  • bbwood_98bbwood_98 Brooklyn, NyProdigy Vladimir music! Les Effes. . Its the best!
    Posts: 653
    I'll be there - along with a few other NYC/east coasters - camping at samerou. . . . I'm suprised no one else responded to this . . .
    looking forward to it!
  • Posts: 13
    I'll be there too! Can't wait, a little nervous/excited as it's my first time too, and going completely solo. I'm hoping to be camping in Samoureau too... See you guys there :)
  • crookedpinkycrookedpinky Glasgow✭✭✭✭ Alex Bishop D Hole, Altamira M & JWC D hole
    Posts: 913
    Sadly, I'm giving it a miss this year. Good luck it's always good to see a "new kid on the block" guitar wise and I'm sure you'll enjoy it. We met a few years ago at Le Q when you were just starting down this road and it's been great to see your progress.

    Here's to next years Samois for both of us.

    always learning
  • bbwood_98bbwood_98 Brooklyn, NyProdigy Vladimir music! Les Effes. . Its the best!
    Posts: 653
    Can't wait to meet and convince you to make some D-holes!!
    Looking forward.
  • klaatuklaatu Nova ScotiaProdigy Rodrigo Shopis D'Artagnan, 1950s Jacques Castelluccia
    Posts: 1,665
    His Web site shows some D holes.

    "It's a great feeling to be dealing with material which is better than yourself, that you know you can never live up to."
    -- Orson Welles
  • Posts: 1
    Hi Phil,
    I'm also going to Samois for the first time. On my own and way out of my depth with regards playing. I can hold down some rythm so I'll see who I can jump in with. I've got a pitch at Petit Barbeau so if you want to hook up for a jam then let me know!

    Shaun - Samois Virgin
  • spirospiro Zagreb, CroatiaNew
    Posts: 114
    I am coming this year for the first time. All the way from Croatia, 1300km by train. Ill be two days in Samois, just dont know yet wheather to take my guitar with me or not...
  • flip-guitarflip-guitar ✭✭
    Posts: 21
    Shaun, that would be great, i'll send my number via email. Looking forward to meeting everyone and definitely doing some playing.
    Spiro - the advice i've been given is take your guitar or regret it, where else will you have the opportunity to jam with your heroes!
  • Micky DunneMicky Dunne Liverpool UK✭✭✭✭ Olivier Marin, JWC Modele Orchestre, AJL La Flasque
    Posts: 154
    I'll be there chaps, arriving on Sunday for a week in Barbeau so see you there! And remember it's not a contest just bring your guitar and enjoy it!

    Fast and bulbous
  • swing68swing68 Poznan, Poland✭✭✭ Manouche Modele Orchestre, JWC Catania Swing
    Posts: 121
    Count me in! Am bringing the clan so staying offsite but hope we'll catch up

    Cheers, Alex (swing68)
    The war on Am7 and Cmaj7 begins here ...
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