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New Django 1947 (bebop) transcriptions

PapsPierPapsPier ✭✭
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Hi all
do you like the sound of Django and the clarinet quintet when they first tried to sound modern/bebop?
If so you may be interested in having a look at the transcriptions of the first electric Django recordings I published on this website.
The stories behind each title are in French. I am sorry if you are not able to get it... I ll probably make a translation later ths year.

I think I found two interesting things during my researches:
- Duke and Dukie as played nowadays is not as Django intended it. I let you compare the versions of Django and Rostaing to the versions of Stochelo, Christian van Hemert, Mozes Rosenberg... Because nowadays gypsy jazz is more guitar centered, I think that this song has been slightly altered to fit a traditional structure; melody A, melody B, impro and back to melodies. But I think that this song was really intended as a dialogue between two solists: what Django plays is interesting only because Rostaing is answering (with something Django "wrote" for him). I would say that the tune is defined more by some structures rather than by melodies.
- the inspiration for Duke and Dukie could be the tune Jumpin Punkins by Duke Ellington. It was one of the songs in the repertoire of the Duke during the tour with Django in 1946. The idea is similar.

This session is great because:
- you have the first blues recorded by Django with electric guitar (definitely different than the minor blues)
- you have three tunes that have been recorded twice each
- you have reference versions of Songe d automne (same arrangement as the one played by Fapy later) and Just one of those things (crazy swing)

Anyway, if you want to listen to these recordings again, play Django solos or even have fun with the clarinet parts, follow the link
(scroll down to the sessions of 21 Mai 1947). If you need also some inspiration when playing the main melody, I also transcribed that.

So you will found
Duke and Dukie
Del Salle
Just One of those things
Porto Cabello
Songe d automne


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