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  • Picks....Possibly a Different Perspective

    So a strange thing happened while trying to find what might be the best pick for me. I think most people try to find the pick they like best and stick with it till they tire of it and look for something else. I have come to the conclusion for myself that is a limiting approach. I find picks to be the fastest way to change the sound and playability of a guitar and some picks work better on some guitars than others. I like Gators, they have a nice warm tone, are inexpensive but I find my facility on them is not nearly as agile as say a Django Pick or a Vladmir. The latter 2 sound great and work well on my Hahl or Holo guitar but sound plasticky for lack of a better word on my Dupont. The Dupont sounds considerably better with the Gator though again the agility suffers a bit. Also how hard I dig into the strings has some influence on my perception. I guess the point being is getting acclimated to being able to change picks and be comfortable gives your guitar a much more greater option for tonal variations. Changing picks is not that drastic of thing once you get used to it. I find going from a Gypsy guitar to an electric or nylon stringed guitar takes more mind twisting than switching picks. Next time the guitar you once thought was great and now you are tired of gives you thought of selling it, try changing picks instead, you may find your answer there.

    On a side note many of you know I sold my Holo except I didn't. I had it sold and shipped off. Before doing so I had Neil Andersson swap out the bridge at the request of the potential buyer (thanks Neil!). I got the guitar back, swapped picks and couldn't put it down...was totally bummed that i had to ship it off now that I liked it (I'm not the type to go back on my word). I gave the buyer 48 hrs to like it or leave it. He said the neck profile was a bit too thin for him. The guitar came back and i could not be happier. A couple of small tweaks, a new pick and the guitar is transformed. Lesson learned.
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  • Barault guitars?

    @mcgroup53 yes, Barault does have a tremendous reputation and is considered among the very top builders in this style. The long list of pros using his guitars speaks to that fact (i.e. Bireli, Stochelo, etc.) He's best known for recreating the pre-war Selmer type sound...I don't think anyone does that better.

    I just got two of his guitars in:



    They sound amazing....they really evoke that early Django sound!

  • HELP...Guitar goes completely out of tune when I break an E string!

    I think I broke a lot of strings in the first 5 years I played gypsy jazz. Sometimes 1-2 times a month, especially the D string and E string. Since i passed the 5 year mark, I hardly break them ever. So, my long term advice: don't worry about it, it's probably just a side-effect of your right hand technique.

    For comparison: I play 12 hours a week on average and change my strings only once every 6 months. I also don't use the light guage .10s any more... I use the .11s.

    I was watching Stephane Wrembel jam once, and he broke his E string and just kept on going full speed without regard. Since then, I no longer think about string breakages as much of a show-stopper...
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