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  • Any thoughts on Robin Nolans XXX guitar promotion?

    Bones wrote: »
    BTW, $2720 USD is VERY CHEAP for a hand made guitar.

    Also note that you get free shipping anywhere in the world, any of his gypsy songbook systems, a Krivo Djangobucker pickup, a custom made XXX pick, a 30 minute private skype lesson with Robin, and 2 sets of Argentine strings included...

    Really is a pretty sweet deal.

    Yeah the original price alone is a bargain plus no sales tax? No import tax? Then you add in the bonus stuff. They aren't making much money on these guitars IMHO. Prob just trying to get them out there to get the proverbial foot in the door. My guess is if they are well received the price will have to go up eventually.

    I've never kept track of my hours into building a Selmac but I did for archtops and it is 200 hours minimum. I'm guessing a Selmac is slightly less but not a whole lot. Just doing the fret work and setup is a bunch of hours. Handmade guitars are very labor intensive.
    ScoredogBill Da Costa Williams
  • Any thoughts on Robin Nolans XXX guitar promotion?

    Yep, I don't blame anyone for trying to make a living especially with music and ESPECIALLY with GJ (not exactly 'pop' music) and Robin does a great service to the GJ community IMHO. Good on him! Looking forward to hearing the new guitar.

    BTW, $2720 USD is VERY CHEAP for a hand made guitar.
  • Practicing alone vs. Band practice vs. Performance

    One thing I noticed at Django in June is that with the players that come to teach there, they don't seem to adjust their picking according to the occasion they play in. It looks like whether it's them playing solo or they are in a big circle jam, they pick the same. They don't try to get more volume out of the instrument during a large jam. They're neither playing softly nor trying to get louder, they rely on the guitar to carry the volume. They have their tone and technique down and it doesn't change, at least it's the impression I got.

    Yes there's a player like Rino who's playing forcefully but he does it all the time. Then there's a player with a soft touch like Samy Daussat and he also sticks to his game regardless of what else is going on around him and who else is playing.

    PS I've been trying to do same when I'm drawn to play louder, not as easy as it sounds...
  • Custom-designed Audio Technica Pro 70 / AT831B mounts

    @djim You can also print it flat with the thick part of the block facing down. In fact, this makes the clip portion more strong and flexible since the grain wont be parallel to the mic.

    But if you do it that way you will need supports between the small gap for the strings since it's an overhang. After the print you would clean out the plastic supports with an exacto knife. The tech should know what I'm talking about.

    btw, for the tech savvy and maker types, I highly recommend getting a 3d printer. I held out for a long time because I thought it would be a total pain in the ass time sink, but I didn't expect it to be so fun and interesting. The monoprice MP Select Mini V2 goes for $169! I taught myself CAD off Youtube and designed this part in one day!
  • Favorite easy-going gypsy jazz songs?

    For upbeat, feel-good songs rather than just tunes in the GJ canon, I have a particular soft spot for J'attendrai, Ménilmontant, and Blue Skies. Interestingly, in performances by French luminaries (Trenet, Aznavour) Ménilmontant has been a song with a distinctly American feel, while in the Anglophonie it has become something of a quintessential Parisian swing number.
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