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  • Played a Godin Gypsy Jazz Guitar today

    Electrified gypsy jazz guitar has it's place.
    As easy and straight forward it is to mount and unmount the pickup, a lot of touring and professional musicians just want even less messing around before and after the gig. There is/was a hybrid Benedetto and Eastman has a similar one even before they out out their first Selmer copy. Both Frank Vignola signature model.

    I actually saw Frank last night and he played with the Eastman. It was great! Vinnie started to still the show, he was that good. The bassist used to play with Tal Farlow back in the day, amazing, ridiculously good.
    Then Rodrigo Shopis has electrified GJ model that a forum member posted about a couple of years back.
    If I was playing gigs several times a week, I think I'd prefer to unplug the cable and put the guitar in the case. All these builders and manufacturers wouldn't be making it if they didn't have customers.

    And it's pretty easy to add a volume control knob to Krivo. I did it as a part of my project to create a humbucking pickup out of two single coils. It has both tone and volume. It's not as convenient as having a knob right there on the pickup but you can keep it much closer than the amp, within the arms reach.

  • Favorite licks?

    Haha Jim, yeah I love that picking pattern and it's fairly easy to adapt to a lot of arps.
    Jim Kaznosky
  • Fingertips all jacked up after too much practicing - any advice?

    Simple. Switch hands, live on a strict diet of carnuba wax and bacon grease, soak in hemp oil for 3 hours per day, replace the silk G-strings with cotton 'tighty whiteys', and double down with the lotion and wear latex gloves at night. :-) JK

    ND-"Do not listen to Joe Rogan podcasts." Too funny...:-)
    Chris Martin
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