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  • Handmade guitars in the UK - anybody has got suggestions on different luthiers?

    Ian has just posted his latest guitar on Facebook - it's a beauty.
  • Jon Delaney - Insensiblement (Transcribed)

    Here is my attempt at transcribing an arrangement made by Jon. This is the first one of a series of transcriptions I am planning to make, where I will focus mainly on solo guitar arrangements. I will add the standard notation, chord charts, slides etc. in the near future.
    More coming soon.

    If anyone has any corrections please write them down and I will fix them.


  • "Vakulabharanam" scale

    Buco wrote: »
    That's pretty much my avenue over Caravan.
    So now I know why audience goes from :) to (: by the time I'm done ;)
    Heh. Well, it's a tiring tune, so many bars of V7!! I found a nice thing to use on Caravan, you can put sounds from the IVm6 and it works well. So, when the rhythm is on the C7 and moves up to a C#7, you counter down and use some Bb-6 arpeggios. Changing between C7(b9) arpeggios and Bb-6 arpeggios, you can get some nice movement happening so it doesn't sound like too much V.

    You can actually use the sound successfully as the rhythm player too if you pick good voicing, the first inversion keeps the good bass movement going - i.e. just taking the C7 and raise the root and the 3rd a fret, keeping the 5th and 7th in place. Instead of shifting up and down between C7 and C#7(boring!), sometimes I'll use the C
    [8 10 10 9 . .]
    and Bb-6 voicing like
    [9 10 8 10 . .]
  • "Vakulabharanam" scale

    (You aren't crazy, it actually had a typo in it earlier, but I made a sneaky edit)
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