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  • Beware insect repellent coming in contact with your guitar!

    deet-based ones are the stuff responsible. it's an industrial solvent. melts plastics. indeed, will eat the varnish on your guitar.

    the $!@#% mosquitoes up at wisconsin were unstoppable! hope I had enough pinot noir in my system to give those bloodsuckers their fair share of Sunday morning's hangover.
  • Beware insect repellent coming in contact with your guitar!

    I was at the MIdwest Gypsy Swing Fest in Madison, Wisconsin this weekend. The mosquitoes were terrible and everywhere, and people were dousing themselves with Deet. Oh the horror! I saw two guitars instantly damaged because the repellent on their arms came into contact with the guitar's finish. One particular fellow ended up with a ugly dark spot the size of a CD disk on the face of his guitar. Depending on the type of finish on your guitar, from what I saw, the effect could range from a dull discoloration to a complete discoloration. I'm hoping there weren't too many others who suffered the same fate. I wasn't aware of this issue with guitar's finish and insect repellent, and it was obvious that I wasn't the only one unaware.

    BTW, A great lineup of artists: Paquito and Sandro Lorier, Robin Nolan Trio, Ultra Faux (a.k.a. Hot Club of Baltimore), Alfonso Ponticelli and Swing Gitan, and the Fest's hosts Harmonious Wail. With bonfire jams after each evening's performances.
  • L3 Sequential Chromaticism

    ending on the right note is pretty much everything, it is pretty amazing how targeting or not knowing the right note screws everything up or on the other hand knowing the right notes to land on makes what seemed like an inconceivable phrase into something special.
  • Gitane DG 250M

    The top of the guitar is likely not flat like the workbench. Use non-permanent blue painters tape to hold the sandpaper to the top of the guitar not the workbench. Make sure there is no debris or sandpaper grit between the guitar and the sandpaper. Hold the bridge steady and work it slightly forward and back to get a perfect fit with the top of the guitar. 220 is probably overkill.
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