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The Rosenberg Trio: Dark Eyes

The Rosenberg Trio has been one of the most influential groups in the Gypsy jazz revival. Their technique and musicality is matched by few others. This video was shot during the early 1990s. Stochelo Rosenberg was technically at his height during this period. Although he has matured greatly as a musician over the years, it’s rare to seem him play with the speed and ferocity you see in this video.

Most of Stochelo’s solo is based on Django Reinhardt’s famous 1947 version of Dark Eyes. This solo is memorized by all aspiring Gypsy guitarists. All the special picking techniques and fingering required to play this solo are explained in the book Gypsy Picking.

For more Rosenberg Trio and Stochelo Rosenberg see these CDs: Live in Samois, Seresta, Live at the North Sea Festival, Caravan, Gypsy Swing, Suenos Gitanos, Gipsy Summer, Double jeu, Elegance, and Ready n Able.

They also appear on the Live in Samois, Tribute to Django Reinhardt DVD, Bireli Lagrene DVD and The Django Legacy VHS.

The video archive is dedicated to Mary Honcoop. She generously shared her large collection of Gypsy videos with nearly anyone who asked. The video archive aims to continue her generosity now that she is gone.

The Video Archive is devoted surviving video of Django Reinhardt and other masters of the Gypsy jazz genre. If you enjoy these videos consider making a donation.

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