Other Luthiers

My Gerome

I Imported it from France and then had it restored by Ian at the Guitar Workshop Ltd. in Glasgow UK:
Re-braced to 11ft radius to correct sunken top [with Sel-mac style strengthened bracing structure under bridge] cracks repaired , fretwork , new bridge.

Alves de Puga

Ebony fingerboard. 670mm scale length.

Old French Gypsy Guitar

Alexander Polyakov

Jordan Wencek No.16

From the luthier, Jordan Wencek, Bar-le-Duc, France:

I made the soundboard from a tree I bought 5 years ago from Jura in France (jura’s spruce).
The back and sides comes from big planks of sapelli I bought to an old cabinet maker in Newark, England.
They are around 30 years old.
The neck come from a stair of one house I use to restore some years ago (african mahogany).The guy wanted to burn it but the wood was too wonderful for that and so I kept it!
And the bracing is make with pyrenees larch.
Ebony and rosewood comes from my exotic wood supplier (shame, but I never travel to india or africa at the moment ^^).
That it for the the wood…

I made the guitar in my little workshop completely by hand (except to cut the tree), glued with bone glue,
and finished with a coat of shellac and beeswax for the neck (beeswax from the bee hive of a friend’s garden).

Rino van Hooijdonk Cathedrale Nr. 17

2006 Luis Sevillano D-Hole Nylon String


This guitar was originally built for guitar fingerstyle virtuoso, Rolly Brown, in 2002 by Bernie Lehmann of Rochester, NY. I am now the proud owner. This guitar has a non-traditional X bracing which produces an overall fatter, warmer and more balanced tone while still cutting through a mix with ease (the top bout soundhole also opens up the guitar’s sound). It’s is very loud and quite resonant. Not as dry as the European models. Ultra fast, comfortable neck with super low action (2.5mm low and high E @ 12th fret) and minimal buzzing.

Gabriel Souza “selmer style”

Originally made for George Cordoba but returned for reasons unknown. Copied from a Selmer supplied by Cordoba to Souza, I’ve owned this guitar since 1975 and believe it to be the OLDEST Selmer copy made in the US.
Restored in 2010 by Bill Reinhardt (repaired numerous cracks, a hole in the back, re-colorization, re-finishing, re-fretting and other cosmetic/aesthetic detailing) this guitar is now gorgeous.


This guitar seems to be a precursor to the Ibanez, CSL D holes of the later 70s early 80s. At some point it’s had the neck reset – badly. And someone has also mounted a pickup using two struts which were screwed across the opening, you can still see the screw holes which I’ve done my best to fill. It’s a full sounding guitar but would be even better with a refret.

Its 640mm scale length and has quite a chunky neck and a wide fingerboard and it stinks like an old damp wardrobe

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