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Macassar Ebony fingerboard, back wedge, headstock veneer, bridge with adjustable saddle. Black Walnut binding. Lower bout of top domed to 15’. Back domed to 15’ radius. 2-degree neck angle with elevated fingerboard.

1st guitar made at home during during 2020 (Covid)!

The Hammer


Jordan Wencek No. 26

Bracing French Larch
Length scale: 660 (with fret to body at 13.5 fret to shorten scale)

My Gerome

I Imported it from France and then had it restored by Ian at the Guitar Workshop Ltd. in Glasgow UK:
Re-braced to 11ft radius to correct sunken top [with Sel-mac style strengthened bracing structure under bridge] cracks repaired , fretwork , new bridge.

Alves de Puga

Ebony fingerboard. 670mm scale length.

Old French Gypsy Guitar

Alexander Polyakov

Jordan Wencek No.16

From the luthier, Jordan Wencek, Bar-le-Duc, France:

I made the soundboard from a tree I bought 5 years ago from Jura in France (jura’s spruce).
The back and sides comes from big planks of sapelli I bought to an old cabinet maker in Newark, England.
They are around 30 years old.
The neck come from a stair of one house I use to restore some years ago (african mahogany).The guy wanted to burn it but the wood was too wonderful for that and so I kept it!
And the bracing is make with pyrenees larch.
Ebony and rosewood comes from my exotic wood supplier (shame, but I never travel to india or africa at the moment ^^).
That it for the the wood…

I made the guitar in my little workshop completely by hand (except to cut the tree), glued with bone glue,
and finished with a coat of shellac and beeswax for the neck (beeswax from the bee hive of a friend’s garden).

Rino van Hooijdonk Cathedrale Nr. 17

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