Jaques & Pierre Favino built this instrument in 1981 for me “Sebastian” aka Fidel Peugeot.


Favino jazz manouche

Very good condition
Fret Neck : 14 Frets
Sound Hole : Oval


Favino 1A

1971 Favino Enrico Macias


This guitar is made for Tony Weiss, a French manouche guitarist who played with The Hot Club de France and of course Django in the mid 40’s. He took delivery of it the 25th of 1977. It’s the only 16 fret favino to this day. I got confirmation of all of this from Jean-Pierre himself. It has two little cracks near the neck above the soundhole that are repared. I also had a little piece of rosewood put under the tailpiece to keep it of the body since it layed on the body due to the extra distance to the bridge (16 fret model). Otherwise it’s in great condition (refin?) It also has been refretted by Jean-Pierre some years ago together with a neck reset. Now it plays like a dream and sounds fantastic


Favino Bass

Very old and rare archtop bass made by mr Jacques Favino in 1960.

Jean-Pierre Favino

This is a three owner guitar. It was made for Tchocolo Winterstein. When Tchocolo and Moreno were playing together in the 1980’s/1990’s it became a favorite of Moreno who used it often. When they moved on from one another Tchocolo back possession of it and used it exclusively until 2008/9 when he passed it along to Dallas Baumgartner. A NYC based collector bought it from Dallas. Tchocolo played with everyone including: Moreno, Tchan Tchou (Tchocolo was Tchan-Tchou’s favorite rhythm player), Angelo DeBarre, Romane, Patrick Saussois, Rodolphe Raffalli, Dorado, Tchavolo, Ninine, Raphael Fays, Laurent Bajata, Francis-Alfred Moerman and many others.

This guitar is the last of its kind. A Favino built for a Montmartre gypsy that was played throughout the bars, clubs and cafe’s in Paris and throughout France. It’s a testament to the gypsy life it has lived. The finish is flaking off all over the guitar. There are numerous repaired top cracks. The finish has been worn off the back of the neck in some places and the frets are deeply pitted. The buttons on the tuners have broken at various times and have unmatched replacements: three in mother-of-toiletseat pearl, one black, one silver and one gold. A photo of Moreno using the guitar in 1998 shows that the tuning buttons were all originally mother-of-toiletseat.

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