Concert I took video at Saturday 2 March 2024 - Joscho Stephan Trio

murrayatuptowngallermurrayatuptowngaller Holland, MINew wooden guitars
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I met a local group (current name is 3rd Coast Swing Band) in 2017+/- a year and took video of them as guests with Frank Vignola & Vinny Raniolo.

They remembered me & said GREEEAT when I offered to bring a camera to a local gig this past weekend.

Their current bassist, Andrew Henley has taken the bass role with Sven Jungbeck when he's been in Michigan, so he's the 3rd element of the JS trio.

3rd Coast was double-billed with Joscho Stephan Trio. I got permission from the Germans after the fact for recording permission. Joscho's wife was taking phone video, so I was pretty sure they wouldn't mind.

Some of you may know 3rd Coast Swing Band from Midwest events in Michigan and Wisconsin.

They appear in later video segments with JS & SJ.

The videos are numbered oddly and Youtube keeps changing the order! 3rd Coast asked me to delay posting their videos until I can separate them from the video chunks the camera produced. There is one video they thought wasn't perfect enough. I said well, OK...

I had many self-induced technical difficulties...that will spare you unless you want to know. The recording was pure Murray-rigged. 37.5 GB of HD video (I thought I had reduced the resolution, but that was on a different phone. I got home and found I only had 20 GB left on my laptop SSD.

The videos are numbered parts 3-11. If Youtube scrambled them in the playlist again, you can approximate continuity by watching them as Part 3 through Part 11. Make that WHEN Youtube screws up the order. So I left you a breadcrumb trail to follow in order.

I will add additional playlist info like tunes and times in each video 'block' when I figure them out. You can navigate better on Youtube.

The pedal in front of Joscho's feet is one of the Audio Sprockets Tone Dexter or Tone Dexter II audio convolution DSP effects. (It took me two days to remember what convolution might have been in a math class I had in the last 40 years). He records some of his playing with a microphone and captures it in the Tone Dexter. His guitar has I think three piezo pickups in it. He then plays with the piezo pickups which avoid feedback. The DSP alters the less-natural piezo signal to sound like the microphone. That's the short version. He has multiple Tone Dexter's because some people don't know to use them effectively do them and sell theirs used. Smart guy. In many ways.

"" for the play list

"Enjoy" as someone said somewhere...




  • murrayatuptowngallermurrayatuptowngaller Holland, MINew wooden guitars
    Posts: 63

    Apologies for the open parentheses.

  • flacoflaco Shelley Park #151, AJL Quiet and Portable
    Posts: 98

    Thanks! Great video! It’s nice to see the tone Dexter in action, and Joscho makes it sounds really good in my opinion. We’ve discussed it in various threads, and it seems like a good way to go if you gig regularly and don’t want to hassle with a mic.

  • billyshakesbillyshakes NoVA✭✭✭ Park Avance - Dupont Nomade - Dupont DM-50E
    Posts: 1,337

    Is there a story there? I see on his website he says he's lending it to Sven for the next 10 days. Did Sven's guitar not make it? Did he choose not to bring one? Had he already pre-arranged to play one from @Gouch ? Inquiring minds want to know.

  • GouchGouch FennarioNew ALD Originale D, Zentech Proto, ‘50 D28
    edited March 6 Posts: 121

    I brought that guitar to the venue, hoping the guitar players might try it before sound check (no pre-arrangement). I didn’t want to be a pushy slobbering fanboy and would’ve been fine if they had said “thanks, maybe later”. They were gracious enough to give it a test drive and gave some welcome feedback. Sven needed another guitar for the remainder of the US tour so I said sure, go for it.

    Btw the trio sounds great and their shows are really fun. Go see them if you can! Tour dates:

  • murrayatuptowngallermurrayatuptowngaller Holland, MINew wooden guitars
    Posts: 63

    I'll see if I can find out Sven's guitar on this tour.

    I uploaded a shorter playlist for Third Coast Swing Band. I believe the Plummer brothers are using DeArmond pickups on 1) a cheap Samick archtop and 2) what I think is a Di Mauro, maybe Boogie-Woogie, of some age (I didn't ask).

    I just saw a post popup while typing, from Gouch, so there may already be an answer.

  • murrayatuptowngallermurrayatuptowngaller Holland, MINew wooden guitars
    Posts: 63

    Ah, the answer from Gouch arrived.

    Yes, they are really nice guys, as well as amazing musicians. Joscho is pretty funny, too. Sven seems quiet & he's the rhythm guy (and one hell of a rhythm guy, and then some). He's kept that gig for several years ..that says a lot.

    I brought my gambler's purchase Argentinian guitar & had two local guys try it on a park bench outside.

    One said 'whoa! Big sound!' which isn't much of an opinion. (Had a ToneRite on it for a week prior, but nothing to compare to). Both wished the bridge height was a little higher. I might try cutting some quarter-cut teak veneer I have a huge roll of, but hope this doesn't turn into an ordeal of getting bridge location & intonation right.

    Maye I should just see how much buzz there is with my timid beginner approach first. Talking local people about lessons - I had no idea there was a local community, living under a rock for some years.

  • murrayatuptowngallermurrayatuptowngaller Holland, MINew wooden guitars
    Posts: 63

    Cool organic logo on the G/Z build.

    Gouch, where do you have to pick the guitar up later? They might reach the end of the continent and fly home from there.

    Sidetrack: I got Joscho's ,'Get Back...To The Beatles' CD and am not sure it's on streaming services yet.

  • murrayatuptowngallermurrayatuptowngaller Holland, MINew wooden guitars
    Posts: 63

    There are 11 video posted now, in two playlists: 2 of 3rd Coast Swing Band alone, and 9 that have 3-6 musicians.

    The odd grouping of tunes in video sections was due to self-induced technical difficulties.

  • GouchGouch FennarioNew ALD Originale D, Zentech Proto, ‘50 D28
    edited March 7 Posts: 121

    I enjoyed watching your videos of this, thanks for posting them!. Nice static camera work. The sound is pretty good, totally listenable - it’s hard to get that right as everybody knows.

    (If your camera has an “AGC” or audio limiter control, maybe try turning it to -> off next time you record a non-F35-volume group like this. Just a suggestion)

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