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As I stated in my previous posts. Slow is Fast! and fast is Slow! Having just started with this Gypsy jazz technique, I realize the major stumbling block for most players - Too fast! Too soon!
Michael's book - "Gypsy Picking" isolates the technique problems with the Gypsy style. What is needed is complimentary book of material to play at SLOW TEMPOS (sorry, Michael I have not seen all your material yet so there may be something like that available.) What is needed is a book with Accompaniment tracks at slow and moderate tempos only! Period! NO Fast examples! - lots of licks and tunes at met. quarter=120 or 112 even down to 88 or 92 so players can get the fingering, picking and articulation right! (perfect, see my previous post). Chord progressions to Sweet Georgia Brown and Cherokee at 144 or maybe 160 tops so that new players can practice comfortably. Remember, once you are past your technical limit, you are going backwards, you are practicing badness!
Tom - the old slow, sloppy picker
J.T. (Tom) Crammond
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