Gitane DG250M w/Michael Collins bridge, Books and Strings

I'm throwing in the towel-- just not enough time to practice with a young family. If you know anyone looking for a good deal, here's one: ... dZViewItem

And in case you're looking for a banjo.... ... dZViewItem


  • ChadChad Bellingham, WashingtonNew
    Posts: 45
    Did you ever sell it Rick?

    I am sorry you are getting out of it, but you will be back. I did the same thing when I got married and had kids, now they are getting older...
    Wholly Man
  • ViejoVatoViejoVato New
    Posts: 80
    rick ...
    I see that this did not sell ...
    Are you still selling ??? I may ahve a friend who is interrested ....

    BTW ...
    if you have free time in May next year we are have the 2nd DFSW over here 30 miles East of Tucson ...
    Take a look:

    "I don't know where I'm going but I'm on my way"
    my granny 'Meme' Foster circa 1998 at age 102
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  • tomcramtomcram St. Louis, MONew
    Posts: 36

    Did you sell your guitar? I noticed the bidding had ended on Ebay?
    I would interested?

    Tom Crammond
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    J.T. (Tom) Crammond
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  • RICK-D15RICK-D15 New
    Posts: 25
    Sorry to respond so late to your inquiries. I haven't browsed over here lately. I did sell the guitar to a guy locally.

    I've been spending a lot of time getting aquainted with my Martin again, working on some Irish fiddle tunes at present. It's a more comfortable universe for me-- where alternating picking is encouraged. :D

    I also picked up an old Gibson LGO recently that suprisingly has some gypsy bite to it. My friend Steve (who also sold his D250) has an an old 1940's Kay archtop (strung with Argentines) and together they produce a pretty cool sound.

    Hope you all are doing well. Merry Christmas!!
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