Merry Christmas DjangoPhiles

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Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night
The Magic really starts to happen when you can play it with your eyes closed


  • JazzDawgJazzDawg New
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    Had this on my blog, and thought I'd share it...
    December 12, 2009 by JazzDawg
    Ok, apologies to all, but I couldn’t resist having fun with this Christmas ‘wish list’...

    12 Days of Christmas (Gypsy Style)…
    1 – all of Django Reinhardt’s CDs
    2 – Wegen Picks
    3 – French guitars
    4 – arpeggios
    5 – Denis Chang DVDs
    6 – guitars playing
    7 – gypsy chords
    8 – Django solos
    9 – gypsy valses
    10 – Tchavolo MP3s
    11 – Aggie Strings
    12 – Stochelo licks

    It’s all in fun and in the spirit of the holidays. We may all be of various spiritual beliefs, but I hope you appreciate the spirit of the intent. Peace to All!
  • ElliotElliot Madison, WisconsinNew
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    Nice, but you need more alliteration - Gypsies Jamming, pupils pomping, etc. 8)
  • JazzDawgJazzDawg New
    Posts: 264
    Well, that's why I posted it, so it could be improved. You can help me brother, yes?
  • ElliotElliot Madison, WisconsinNew
    edited December 2009 Posts: 551
    If I can...I'll pm you if something hits me. The "5 Dennis Chang DVDs" was brilliant, though, nothing can beat that for 5 Golden Rings! The arpeggios, French Guitars, and Wegen Picks are well placed, too, for meter. However I'm thinking "and Django's Selmer number 503" for No.1 might be a bit better!

    Happy Blissmas.
  • rimmrimm Ireland✭✭✭✭ Paul doyle D hole, washburn washington
    Posts: 605
    Djangobells and a Merry xmas to Michael and all of the djangobooks army. Hope you all get what you want this year and have a safe and peaceful new year. 8)
    I got a fever and the only prescription is more cowbell
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