Are there any Gypsy Jazz meetup groups in Central Florida?

gumby705gumby705 Mount Dora, Florida✭✭
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Does anyone know of a Gypsy Jazz meetup group (people who are interested in learning, playing and promoting gypsy jazz playing) in Central Florida/Orlando? There is a recording/performance group in Orlando, but that is as close as we get to my knowledge. We have plenty of good flatpickers and classical guitarists but I am not sure if they will lean towards Gypsy Jazz.

I hear there are gyspy jazz meetup groups on both Florida coasts, but I rather keep it local. Many of us have day job as well. I am relatively new to the genre so I may not be the best choice to lead one up.
Mike Baker
Mt. Dora, FL


  • gumby705gumby705 Mount Dora, Florida✭✭
    Posts: 27
    I need to also ask readers: How to lead friends to Gypsy Jazz Guitar?
    Some appear closed minded about a playing a different style. Others, too psyched out by the agility of some famous performers. I am trying to convince them, with the right learning material, the right instrument, the right pick and a little patience and practice they can sound good.
    They do not need to be another Bireli Lagrene to sound good, just be true to the music.

    I have also noted that music stores in the area do little to encourage Gyspy Jazz. I have only seen one Selmer style guitar in a store in Orlando. If someone saw one they might be encourage to explore the music.

    Maybe we need to make the music more accessible or make it more readily heard. Web sites like this help. I appreciate the help it has provided me. You tube is also a good site to introduce the music and the guitar.

    Maybe sponsoring a Django festival in Florida would help.

    In the meantime, I will have to allow friends, and guitar shop employees noodle on my GJ guitar.
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