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Dupont Bigtone question

I am currently looking to go the pickup route and the dupont bigtone is intriguing to me. I use a Gitane D-500 and apart from a bridge needing to be replaced, it is way too low and produces some buzzing around the upper frets, I like the overall tone and what to replicate it with the most natural sounding amplification possible. Does the dupont bigtone bridge compromise the natural acoustic sound of the instrument when not being amplified? Also, are there any tonal differences between the externally mounted bigtone and the original one where you need to drill? Lastly, do bigtones work well going direct into the PA or is an amp like AER or Evan an essential thing? Thanks, Tim


  • MichaelHorowitzMichaelHorowitz SeattleAdministrator
    Posts: 5,992
    There are many different "bigtones" out there made by various companies. We've found the Dupont one is the best...most of the others do cause at least some loss of acoustic tone, and sometimes they can really deaden the tone of the guitar completely. So far that's never happened with the Dupont bigtones.

    The external mount is just for expensive guitars were people don't want to drill holes. For a D-500 I'd just do an internal mount.

    Sounds fine through a need for an amp unless you want one.

  • JohanJohan Oslo, NorwayNew
    Posts: 40
    Yeah. Never go for any budget bigtone. I bought one from Alain at and it was so bad i actually ended up getting a guitar builder/mecanic to make a new bridge with a fisherman pietzo inside. I have sent 3 mails about the defect bigtone but havent recived any mail back.

    I have never understood if theese bigtones are anything other than regular pietzo mic in a bridge. Get a builder/mecanic to make one is my tip. My fisherman is great. I do think the duponts are good though.

    Band up and running! Finaly!
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