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Roland AC-60 combo amp?

mcgroup53mcgroup53 Bloomington, IN USA✭✭✭✭ 1951 Ep Broadway
I see a ton of reviews here on the AERs and Schertler amps, but can't recall seeing anything on the Roland AC-60, or other smaller amps like the Fishman Loudbox 100.

If I put a standard piezo soundboard pickup like the K&K Maccaferri in my D'A Manouche, I ought to be able to get a great acoustic tone through one of these guys, especially if I use a Baggs Para DI preamp. But everyone seems enamoured of the really high-end stuff.

Anyone have experience running a SelMac direction into the Roland, Fishman, Ultrasound, etc?



  • V-dubV-dub San Francisco, CA✭✭✭✭
    Posts: 304
    I've known people who have played through the AC60. It sounds fine with a big tone or a schertler (into the mic input). I'm actually surprised it's not mentioned more often. It's got a lot more options than most of the "boutique" acoustic amps, like the additional microphone input channel, some built-in effects (including chorus!), tilt stand, and it can be mounted on a mic stand.

    Honestly, I don't think that the other solutions out there sound much better...

    I suppose I'm just venting now, but does anyone else thing this whole acoustic guitar amp thing is kinda a huge rip off? I've tried them all and none of them really blow me away... and certainly don't perform well enough to be justifying their prices.
  • Dr. HallDr. Hall Green Bay, WisconsinNew
    Posts: 65
    I tried my DG-320 with the K&K through an AC-60 at a local music shop and had a bit of a hard time getting the sound I wanted. I didn't mess with it too long, but I think with a pre-amp or an equalizer pedal (I sometimes use an MXR 10-band job to dial out feedback) you ought to be able to dial in a decent sound with the Roland. Ultimately, I bought an AER Alpha on the cheap for just a bit more than the Roland. It's smaller and lighter than the Roland, and the 40 watts is quite loud for my needs--I rarely have to turn it up past 5 on the master and 5 on the pre-volume. The AER had an immediate "wow" effect on me the first time I plugged my guitar into it. It has a mic input with phantom power as well as a 1/4" input, and I've played numerous gigs where we've run my guitar and either a vocal mic or second guitar through the AER and it has performed admirably. I rarely play venues where I need to be super loud, and the gigs I have had where I've needed to be really loud there have been house pa systems through which the K&K works brilliantly with a direct box. I also play a lot of archtop modern jazz gigs through the AER and love it. My advice would be to try the Roland out and see if it works with your guitar, see if it sounds natural to you. Maybe I was just in a bad room or something. Gonzalo Bergara played rhythm through one when I heard Jorgenson's group, and it sounded fine for him, but then again they had a smashing house pa system that handled most of the sound on that gig.
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