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    I just got this in and am really blown away by this piece of gear. 400W, 2 chanells, effects...three speakers (a 10", 5", and a 1"), all enclosed in an ultralight 20lb cabinet.

    Acoustic Image amplifiers are known to be some of the best, if not THE best, solid state amplifiers out there. Most folks use the AI Clarus amp head with another speaker (usually a Raezers Edge cabinet.) However, that setup weighs in at around 30Lbs. But does provide a better sound IMO.

    but if you need something lighter, then the Corus is hard to beat. AER, Schertler, Phil Jones, etc have nothing this powerful, light, and flexible. The AER sounds overly nasal and midrangey by comparison...the Schertler's tone compares well but lacks the headroom. The AI Corus can get just ridiculously loud...that 400W goes a long way (AER is 60W, Schertler Unico is 180W.)

    My only concern right now is the 10" down firing speaker. It's a great idea, and the only way to squeeze a speaker that big into such a small cabinet. But for my purposes it may not be ideal. I'm usually playing restaurant gigs where the amp sits right next to me. The down firing 10" speaker tends to rumble your seat a bit....and is also a bit muddy and feedback prone. (The Raezer's Edge is the most feedback resistant speaker I've ever tried!) I'm still learning how to use this has a really useful high pass filter that I can probably adjust more precisely to dial out some of the bass issues.

    However, I should mention that the 8" speakers in the AER and Schertler just crap out all together with these lower the Corus easily beats the competition in terms of low frequency response.

    Anyway, I'll post more about this amp as I discover what it can do. Generally speaking, domestically produced amps like Evans and Acoustic Image are now a great deal. The European stuff like AER and Schertler used to be cheaper, but with the exchange rate spiraling out of control these US made amps are starting to look like a great deal!

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