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Were did you buy your gits?

simplygoodmusicsimplygoodmusic Rome, ItalyNew
edited March 2008 in Gypsy Jazz Italia Posts: 81
Hi guys,

Just a quick question. Very soon I'm gonna be buying a decent gypsy git, and looking around I noticed its impossible to find anything other than gitane guitars around here. Nothing high end, and I'd like to try before I buy. A trip to paris is possible... but in all honesty I would much rather avoid, especially since the cost of the ride itself could turn out to be more than the guitar.

Is there a decent store anywhere (the closer to rome the better) that sells gypsy jazz/selmer/maccafferi guitars?

And while we are on the subject, and seeing as I am also a mandolin player, were is there a decent store that deals in all things mando? Hopefully including bluegrass/archtop mandolins?

Thanks in advance.
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