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  • Azazzell 1:48PM

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Good position to hold guitar

edited January 2008 in Gypsy Jazz 101 Posts: 11
I've been playing for about a year, holding my guitar on my right knee (right handed guitar) with my right knee parallel to the floor.

Is there any particular good way for a GJ style player to hold the guitar? Like classical guitarists on the left knee? The reason I ask is that I'm having difficulty getting good, consistent stability in my playing and was seeing if i could get any input.

bonus question, which way does django(or other gj players hold there) hold their guitar?


  • mmaslanmmaslan Santa Barbara, CANew
    Posts: 87
    Try elevating your leg a bit. Put a dictionary or some other big thick book under your foot. That works for me. Make sure your chair isn't too low as well. The important thing is to maintain a comfortable right hand position. If you move the guitar off your right leg, your right hand will move too.
  • Posts: 11
    Thanks for the tip it's helped a bit. I've been having trouble playing some of the thumb chords ever since i got gypsy rhythm. Sometimes its easier if i swivel out the guitar out on my knee. Like picture sitting facing straight and then turning the guitar so the it faces the right. I'm having trouble getting it comfortable, any more suggestions?
  • badjazzbadjazz Maui, Hawaii USA✭✭✭ AJL
    Posts: 130
    I used to always hold the guitar on my right leg, but have now switched to more of what I think of as the Freddie Green position, which George Van Eps also describes in his method books. You cross your left knee over your right and rest the guitar on your left knee (for right-handed guitar player). Also, I tilt the guitar so that the top is closer to me than the bottom, kind of so that the front of the guitar is more aimed at me than usual. This took some getting used to, but has turned out to be much better than any other position that I have tried.

    By the way, my switch was out of necessity, because holding the guitar on my right leg screwed up my shoulder because I was always kind of stretching my shoulder up and forward. Now my shoulder just hurts all the time, and even looks different from my left. Doctor has given me shots and painkillers, but it is no fun--so be careful to find a position where you can be as relaxed as possible and aren't straining!
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