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Translation help kind of off topic!!!

CalebFSUCalebFSU Tallahassee, FLModerator Made in USA Dell Arte Hommage
edited October 2007 in Welcome Posts: 557
hey everyone, I was wondering if someone who reads this may be able to help. I am currently taking a course in Ethno-Poetics and for the final project I have to do a verse analysis of a song from an oral culture. I would like to use this footage from the film Latch Drom.

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Here is the thing. Before I can do the verse analysis I need to get a text of the song in it's original language. I am not sure if this is romanian or Romanesh (gypsy) but as I speak neither I am unable to really do the analysis. I was wondering does anyone know
a) what language it is in and
b) the text of the original language.
I am pretty sure I can find the english translation but even so that really isn't that important for the paper. It really has to do with the lines and how it is broken up (Dell Hymes style if anyone is familiar with linguistic anthropology) Hopefully this will work and someone can help. If anyone knows of any other gypsy stroies in the original language and can point me in the direction that would be great to as I have to say what I am going to do my analysis on later in the week. Like I said kind of off topic but figure most of us here have seen Latcho Drom and could maybe help.I'll give you full credit in the paper as a source for any help.
thanks guys.
Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn't work hard.


  • CalebFSUCalebFSU Tallahassee, FLModerator Made in USA Dell Arte Hommage
    Posts: 557
    ok so the embed didn't work here is a link to the footage. It is were the guy from Taraf de Haidouks (I knew I would forget his name) is standing under the tree with a cymblom player and he is singing and playing violin.

    It is labeld as Balada Conducatorolui.
    Thanks in advance.
    Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn't work hard.
  • billyshakesbillyshakes NoVA✭✭✭ Park Avance - Altamira M10
    Posts: 465
    Seems a lot of the comments to the video are in Romanian. I don't know the language but it is Latin based so I recognize some of the stems. Have you thought about posting a comment on the youtube video page asking for someone who knows the song/can translate? Lot of talk going on about Ceaucescu...maybe some local knowledge would help you? Seems to me that the types of people who would visit this video would either be guys who like this music (you, me and the rest on the board) or else people whose culture is portrayed.

    Just my thoughts.
  • bbwood_98bbwood_98 Brooklyn, NyProdigy Vladimir music! Les Effes. . Its the best!
    Posts: 519
    Cool tune, and cool idea for a class-
    The translation is below- but is seems kind of rough- still . . it's on the you tube site- mabey email the traslator to se where they got the translation.

    When weather was rainy and windy

    (repeat these lines) (?)

    He take us outside the factoryies(to make "patriotic activities"-work for free :)
    Without cigarettes and bread
    Then here comes the 22(22dec1989-day when Ceausescu was killed)
    And justice was made
    And now we living in liberty
    There in Timisoara(the city where the revolution started)
    Great sadness was when the student goes out in the streets.

    (repeat these lines)
    When weather was rainy and windy
  • dennisdennis Montreal, QuebecModerator
    Posts: 2,125
    while on the subject of taraf... this probably won't help you but way before they were famous, they used to sell old school cassette tape recordings at concerts... but these tapes were blanks !!! and they'd charge something like 10 bucks for autographs hahaha
  • CalebFSUCalebFSU Tallahassee, FLModerator Made in USA Dell Arte Hommage
    Posts: 557
    Thanks for the replys guys. Ben thats great and actually does help a bit. the literal translation into english with repeated lines and all really helps. I will post on the youtube link and see if anyone responds about the actual romanian.
    Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn't work hard.
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