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Schertler Dyn G sans Unico comments

marcieromarciero Southern MaineNew
Many have posted comments on the Dyn G with/without Unico amp. To add mine:

I do not have the Unico, but was able to get a great sound with the Dyn G (Thanks Michael for over-nighting it) much better than I expected. I used a Bose 802 II speaker (with the controller/equalizer) powered with a Crown Micro-tech amp. Granted, this is essentially 1/2 of a fairly hi-fi small PA, but I also attribute the sound to the use of a tube mic preamp (a Presonus) and a Highlander DI/eq. The Highlander has 4-band parametric eq (minus the adjustable bandwidth), so I was able to mimic the effect of the "Reson" control on the Unico, which is a boost/cut at 180 hz. (Actually, I notched out around 220 hz.) I worked this out at home and made only very minor adjustments on a gig, where it sounded even better, probably since I wasn't trying to crank it to the max. I was also able to boost some high frequencies and get nice treble without any harshness or brittleness. This was a refreshing change from years of always turning down the treble with piezo pickups.

So I think that it is partly a question of eq. I would think that any hi-fi rig which does not color the sound, along with a parametric eq, would work well. Another option would be the Schertler preamp. You would probably want to by-pass any existing pre-amp by, for example, plugging into the effect return.

Mike A


  • mitch251mitch251 marylandNew
    Posts: 70
    This post seems a good place to piggy back a question.
    I am getting ready to travel by air for some gigs and recording and I would like to go without my Unico. The problem being is that I dont have a Shertler pre amp and I was wondering about how the DYN G might work with
    a Bags preamp or somthing similar or is the Shertler pre the only
    way to go?

    Thanks Tom
  • djangologydjangology Portland, OregonModerator
    Posts: 1,005
    the only thing the Schertler amp or pre-amp have that a Baggs wont give you is the "resonance" effect... which is some sort of chorus effect I believe but Im not sure about it... all i know is that you will be ok without your Schertler amp being packed with you...
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