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Ultrasound amps

OK.. anybody out there using and Ultrasound amp? If so what are your thoughts?



  • Josh HeggJosh Hegg Tacoma, WAModerator
    Posts: 622
    I don't use one but one of the guys I play with uses an AG-30. This is okay for really small venues if the people you are playing for are really listening and not talking over the music. The tone is not great and it is a bit hard to get a well balanced sound out of. It tends to be bass heave and muffled sounding. Ultrasound also makes the AG-50DS3, Pro 100, and Pro 200. I would not go any smaller then the AG-50 model. And even that is questionable. The Pro 100 is probably the bast all around amp and tends to go for around $800.00.

    Another option (the rout I took) is to look at the Fender Blues Jr. Ya.. I know Fender... But that amp is really great. I did research and played every amp I could for about a month before I bought and in the price range I think it has the best sound. Also it is tube so you can get that nice vintage tone if you want it. Now the kicker, and this was hard for me to get over at first, is that it is only 15 watts. I don't know how but it is. But it plays like a 70 watt amp. I use it in a large room packed with people talking and I only have to turn it up to about 3. It costs around $400.00 and well worth it. There are other guys in my group that use ARE and I like my amp better. I just think it has a better sound. I like the tube sound so that might be why I think that but I just like it.

    The things you don't get with the Blues Jr.
    Only one input
    No direct out
    3 band eq
    so it is a small amp but perfect for louder mid sized venues.

    For a small amp I think it is the way to go.

  • djangologydjangology Portland, OregonModerator
    Posts: 1,001
    the PigNose Hog 20 is a far better amp than the Ultrasound 30... just my opinion... and its battery powered, costs half as much, and is half the size and wieght... what more can you ask for?
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