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name of tune ?

stoshstosh New
edited June 2007 in Gypsy Jazz 101 Posts: 2
Can anyone tell me the name of the tune played in the music clip of Django and Grappelli? The one where it starts with DJango with his feet propped up by the radio. The narrator speaks as the camera moves to the left and introduces the accompaniment and then Grappelli with his back to Django. Sweet melody.
I am fairly new to a lot of this great music.
Thank you much for any help. Stosh
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  • JackJack western Massachusetts✭✭✭✭
    Posts: 1,911
    J'attendrai is the tune. Some basic chords:


    There are also other versions-vocal, etc, if you're interested. AND the music from the video clip is included in Michael's Unaccompanied Django book. Hope you're enjoying the style!

  • nutloafnutloaf WalesNew
    Posts: 85
    Are these chords the ones used in the video? whenever I play along using these it does'nt sound right. My chordal knowledge, especially the gypsy shapes, is'nt that good, so what I need are the actuall chord shapes. Any idea where best to get these? I use G7 for the 4th bar and A7 for the 6TH bar!?! I have managed to work out the solo, I always thought he was an amazing soloist but when I learn one of his solos I realise his genius. The notes he uses,the rythyms and his phrasing are unmatched by any other gypsy jazz player.
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