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Gallato with Schatten pu. has arrived!!!

Just thought I would follow up on my earlier post on ordering this guitar and pickup. The guitar is fantastic-even better than my expectations. It really captures the sound and feel of a Selmer. It is loud and brash, with lots of balls. The fit and finish while not perfect, are very good, and better than I was led to expect. It had several setup issues that were taken care of the day I got it. It needed a new nut (string spacing was way off), and the bridge needed to be re-notched. There were no side dots! I had these installed also. The tuners were replaced with Gotogh (sp?) tuners before I received the guitar.

The good stuff: The neck is like a boat oar! Just like I like it. I am convinced this adds to the stability and sound of the guitar. I can't prove it, but it is JMO. It has the gypsy sound ala Django and Tchavolo built in. I am so happy with the sound, feel, and playability. The guitar just howls when you really dig in! The neck is one of the most beautifully figured pieces of walnut I've ever seen, and it is 3 piece laminated, with a center stripe.

The Schatten pickup sounds great. The best I've heard so far. It really gives the sound of my guitar, only louder. No onboard noise, either. Of course this is just in my little music room through my AER, not a live gig. I will reserve any real judgement until my next gig, which is Wednesday night. I see no reason for it not to perform to expectations on a live gig, as it just sounded clear and natural no matter how loud I turned it up in my room, and I got NO feedback at all! I have the new model with built-in preamp. I will post a little review on Wed. night after my gig if I have the time and energy.

Sorry for the overly long post, but before I go, I just want to thank Ted, Troy, and Phil for their helpful advice, comments and experience. I think you guided me right on the Gallato. I love it! And to my friend Rick for being the inspiration for the Schatten pickup.

Larry Camp (my personal jazz guitar website) (my gypsy-jazz website)


  • drollingdrolling New
    Posts: 153
    "The neck is like a boat oar! Just like I like it. I am convinced this adds to the stability and sound of the guitar. I can't prove it, but it is JMO"

    In spite of my small hands, that's the way I like 'em too. And I've always maintained that the bigger the neck, the bigger the tone. Even for electrics.

    Any plans to post some soundclips here or on your site? I'd like to hear that how that pickup captures the guitar's natural sound!

    All the best,
  • BreezeBreeze New
    Posts: 12
    I agree on the fat neck deal. I have a 7 string Hodson with a huge neck and a 6 string Dunn that is like a 2x4 with the corners knocked off. While different animals, both are big on tone. Larry, I was glad to be the guinea pig on the Schatten pickup, it really sounds better than anything I've heard.Les Schatten is great to deal with and he's interested in making a pickup that works on these guitars. I know you're digging it and the new guitar. Swing 'em in to bad health baby! Best to y'all, Rick
    Somebody wake me when it's time to hit.
  • campfirecampfire New
    Posts: 70
    Hello, Breeze!

    Glad to see you decided to join us. Breeze is the guy who took me in and saved me from the evils of Wes, Joe Pass, and the rest, and turned me on to REAL music. DJANGO! First he detox-ed me with some Louie and Earl Garner, and Sidney Bechet. Then right to the hard stuff! Massive doses of HCOF and all the modern GJ cats. I even had to go to Samois last year as part of the 12-step program. I've had the occaisional relapse into bop, but I always come back to the real deal. Rick is a great player, and a good friend. Thanks, Breeze!


    I hadn't planned to post any soundclips of the Gallato/Schatten, but it's a good idea. Unfortunately, you would have to bear with my lame playing and just concentrate on the sound of the pickup. I'll see what I can do. Thanks.

    Larry Camp (my personal jazz guitar website) (my gypsy-jazz website)
  • djadamdjadam Boulder, CONew
    Posts: 249
  • campfirecampfire New
    Posts: 70
    djadam wrote:
    Evils of Wes? :?

    Surely you've heard the satanic messages when playing "Four on Six" backwards at slow speed? :twisted:

    Larry Camp (my personal jazz guitar website) (my gypsy-jazz website)
  • BreezeBreeze New
    Posts: 12
    I think I heard it; "Put down your Wegen fool, don't you know what thumbs are for?" :twisted:
    Somebody wake me when it's time to hit.
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