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falkowskej jackshenry

gitane 320's

Hallo, new to the forum and seeking advice. After researching the matter I was considering buying a Gitane DG 300 as my first selmer style guitar. However, discovering there is a DG 320 has made me reconsider. Reason being, I think I like the slightly more bassy, mellow sound of the big mouths compared to the 'cut' of the small mouth guitars. However, whilst I have had the opportunity to play DG 300's and let my eyes and hands decide for me (as well as reading the mass of info online about them) I don't have a clue about the 320's and can't find one to play yet. Any advice for someone starting out in GJ and thus relatively clueless? I will probably end up bargain hunting online so any advice would be incredibly helpful - Thanks a lot.


  • Josh HeggJosh Hegg Tacoma, WAModerator
    Posts: 622
    The 320 is a cool guitar. I have had a few in my shop and we had one at Djangofest NW that we sold.

    I wouldn't say that is has a mellower tone compared to the 300 however. It does have a bit of a low end that the 300 does not have and is a very loud instrument.

    The neck is the same as the 300 as is all the wood and other specs. As with all the Gitanes a set up a proper bridge really bring out the full potential of the guitar. Michael has the best price you will find on the 320 and tho other places say they have them they usually are back ordered. We have had good luck getting them as soon ad Saga has a few available. We have a small waiting list now if you would like to get on it.

    If you have specific information you would like about the 320 let me know and I'll do my best to shed some light.

  • plumplum scotlandNew
    Posts: 3
    hey josh, thanks a lot for the info. Most appreciated. So, the 320 is literally a D Hole version of the 300 then (ie same spec, different soundhole)? That sounds pretty cool. Roughly what kind of waiting time are you talking about if I was to order through the site then? I have my eyes on a couple of 320's but I haven't made any decisions just yet.

    In the aid of spreading guitar acquisition info: I posted the same question on the UK site and someone replied saying he had found the neck on the 320 he played to be a little bit fatter than that of a 300 - though he also warned of how much variance there can be between the same models of gitanes, as people on this forum no doubt know already.

    Just noticed my freudian slip when i said in my original post that i let my 'eyes and hands', as opposed to ears and hands decide for me - confounded G.A.S has warped my mind!
    Thanks a lot
  • Josh HeggJosh Hegg Tacoma, WAModerator
    Posts: 622
    Yes the 320 is basically the 300 with a D hole however the thing that gives the 320 a different tone is not the D hole so much as the bracing shift. The middle brace is shifted back to accommodate the larger sound hole. This is where the real difference between the guitars is.

    As for the neck. Again you are correct. I had my hands on many DG-300s at Djangofest and most of them felt the same but there were a couple (one that I can remember for sure) that had a neck that felt enough different to take a second look. All that so say they are all very similar and I have note played one DG-300 or 320 with a neck that felt "bad".

    I'll check with Michael and see where we are on the shipment of the 320. I can PM you with specific shipping and wait time information.

    All the best,
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