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How do I install loop end strings?

Bill McNeillBill McNeill Seattle, Washington, USANew
This is a really basic question, but the answer is not obvious to me.

I finally got around to restringing my Gitane DG-255 for the first time. The old strings are ball end, but I want to replace them with Argentines. The Argentines I have are loop end. The problem is that I have no idea how to install loop end strings.

Right now I'm installing the loop end down at the bridge. When I tighten the string, the loop slips out of the bridge. I've tried putting a kink in the loop end, but that's not good enough. Do you tie a knot? Should I just get ball-end strings instead? (I didn't notice that these were loop-end until I opened the package this morning.)

Can anyone point me to a web page with pictures? (This turns out to be fiendishly difficult Google search to make.)


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