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Looking for fellow musicians in Maryland DC area

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Hi, guys, my name is Sasha Nikitin, I am a musician and an audio engineer in Maryland. Now that we are out of the pandemic, I am looking for other Gypsy jazz musicians for jam sessions and possible collaborations. As a way of introducing myself to the group, here is a video I recently recorded with a fellow musician, bassist Bob Abbott. I am sure you'll recognize the Django intro solo and the first guitar solo that came from Stochelo Rosenberg (he teaches it at his academy). What you may find new is the second verse I found in the 1936 French version of the song. It is rarely included in Manouche versions of the song. Here it is (read the description on the Youtube page for more info):

Feel free to contact me on FB

or by phone 443-370-2737





  • JSantaJSanta NY✭✭✭ Gaffiero Modèle Original, Gaffiero Magda
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    Hey Sasha - I recommend that you connect with Michael Joseph Harris from Ultrafaux, as well as Sami Arefin that also used to play with Ultrafaux. I know that Michael hosts a weekly jam in Baltimore on Monday evenings. You can find both of them on Facebook/Instagram and hopefully make some connections!

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    Yeah there is a fair number of us in the area. As mentioned, the jam in Baltimore is always going and jams in Bethesda and Takoma Park have restarted AFAIK. There was also a jam near DC ran by Zach, not sure what's the status of that right now. You can come to Takoma Park porch fest. It's on May 14, still need to find out exact location of Gj concert for this year. This is more like a curated jam and you'd have get in touch with the organizer to find out if the spots are still available but definitely come out and hang out and I'm sure you can sit in for a while. I'll be there, though I haven't been around jams much lately. Oh yeah, we've also gotten together to jam at Glen Echo park and we'll be back as the weather gets nicer. Then Randy, Bill and I (DC Ambiance) go to Alexandria Old Town busking when the weather is nice.

    Every note wants to go somewhere-Kurt Rosenwinkel
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