Looking for a shop in new england for guitars

toddgtoddg New
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looking for a shop that has a selection of "g" jazz guitars.



  • CraigHensleyCraigHensley Maine New
    Posts: 74

    I live in Maine, and in my experience there are no music stores in New England with gypsy jazz guitars.

  • DigbyDigby MassatuschettsNew H1214 archtone
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    Mill River Music in Northampton MA has an Eastman in stock. That's the best selection I know of in central/western Mass. Tell me I'm wrong, I dare you... no, wait, I BEG you! You'd think there must be somewhere. Maybe closer to Boston?

    If you look at the Django In June thread, the guy who makes the embedded videos (Jack Soref) also, on his channel, shows guitars built by a local builder from Worcester. I think he's called JRH Guitars (the builder's initials), and communicates via Facebook, of which I know nothing. I've seen someone in southern Vermont sometimes sell a couple GJ guitars on CL and I'm not sure whether it's a shop, a person who likes to churn through guitars, or somewhere in between.

    I'm not advanced enough, at the moment, to want a louder acoustic guitar than my cheap old all purpose archtop, which plays well and whose tone I like. But that's what I've seen for GJ guitars around here. This message approved by Slim Pickins.

  • Posts: 3

    DRH guitars is definitely what you want, either to make you a new guitar or to set up whatever you end up buying. I'm in Cambridge and have a bunch of stuff that Dan has fixed up.

  • CraigHensleyCraigHensley Maine New
    Posts: 74

    Great to know about DRH guitars, first time hearing about him. You would think The Music Emporium in Lexington, MA would have a few good gypsy guitars in stock, but they don't seem to have an interest in this style of music, unfortunately, being primarily a bluegrass and Americana music store. I've attempted a conversation with them on a couple of occasions to no avail. It's odd because Berklee offers a gypsy jazz ensemble and folks from the college shop there.

  • daverepairdaverepair Vermont, USANew Craig Bumgarner 'Selmer' style
    Posts: 24

    While I very much enjoy visiting TME in Lexington, I share Craig Hensley's dismay at the lack of archtops available there, and in New England in general(I'm in central Vermont). For years my interest has been vintage American archtops, and now includes GJ guitars. I fortunately have a friend in Maryland who turned me on to Craig Bumgarner's fine instruments, and I recently upgraded from my Eastman to one of Craig's, and I'm thrilled with it. And perhaps someday I'll get to try some from other makers...but not in central NE!

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