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MichaelHorowitzMichaelHorowitz SeattleAdministrator
edited November 2006 in Welcome Posts: 5,913
This was sent to me by a freind of Jimmy Rosenberg's:

Dear friends,

Jimmy is out of jail.

We took our caravan down on Monday 15th. to Asten in the South of Holland, where we were made very welcome by the families, in particular by Jimmys mother Engelina.

After a fitful nights sleep, we donned our nice clothes and drove the thirty kilometres to the jail which is in the cheerfully named village of Grave.
When we arrived, Jimmy had just stepped out of the gates
and the television crew from Amsterdam were already filming.
We all greeted each other, and Jimmy got on one knee to play on the Harmsworth and Willis spruce top D hole that we had brought down.
He had not played a real guitar for five months, having only a nylon stringed toy whilst incarcerated.

He went fearlessly into 'Improvisation Number I' by Django, and it was a perfect start to his new life.

From Grave we went into a heavenly cafe for coffee.
The cafe proprietor was surprised to find a film crew working whilst we had coffee, and Jimmy played a few beautiful tunes, and off we drove to his Dads house in Gemert, closeby.

There, we had the great pleasure of listening to Jimmy play both with Mekki, his father, and Nomy, his younger brother. Considering that they had not seen each other for months, it was hard to find fault in the swinging technicalities of this unique duo.

They played for a few hours to everyones great pleasure, especially the film crew, who interviewed him as part of a longer term documentary, and meanwhile, we were making our own film.

Later we drove back to his mother, and enjoyed a few more hours of fun, but we declined to drive back to Gemert where an impromptu concert had been arranged.

In the morning, we decamped and said farewell to Engelina, and towed the caravan to Gemert for a farewell to Jimmy.

We are going to take Jimmy to the Isle of Man, between 19th. and 23rd. June where a music series is being filmed. We hope that good might come from this.

If the logistics work out, we shall be at Samois on Saturday 24th. June, with Jimmy and Mekki.

Martin Taylor will be at both gigs, Isle of Man, and Samois.
Nev Willis, was kind enough to let me have a guitar for Jimmy, but it has to be paid for soon.

Thanks must be expressed also to Bjørn who has volunteered to pay the rest of the fine, enabling a new dawn to break for Jimmys future.

The film is a mini blockbuster. To anyone familiar with Jimmys playing, I can tell you that it is still on fire, and his new ideas seem to be taking him bang into bebop territory. Look out you guys who have mastered bebop, a new kid is coming to the block, and he is going to make some space for himself.

Jimmy has asked me to thank you all for supporting him, especially during his lowest hours, and has promised a new beginning, so keep up the support...


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