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Lot of noise or reverb on my Geronimo Mateos Audrey

canvascanvas GermanyNew Jürgen Volkert, Geronimo Mateos Audrey
I have a lot of reverb on my Audrey guitare from Geronimo Mateos. I bought this guitare 2 weeks ago and its a D hole guitare. It has a very dark sound wich i realy like. But since a short time it shows a lot of reverb on multiple spots on the fretboard. Some notes are still very dry but the e on the second string fifth fret is the worst. I pick the string, lift my finger up and the note rings further for a long time. The same is on a few other spots. The day i bought the guitar i didnt register those reverbs. Now it is like a shout in a piano corpus.
Anyone has an idea?

Thanks Dirk


  • bluetrainbluetrain Finland✭✭✭ Cach, Epiphone Triumph, Gibson ES-300
    Posts: 156
    It's probably the part of the string between the bridge and the tailpiece that is ringing.
  • AndrewUlleAndrewUlle Cleveland, OH✭✭✭ Cigano GJ-15
    Posts: 541
  • AndrewUlleAndrewUlle Cleveland, OH✭✭✭ Cigano GJ-15
    Posts: 541
    I'm sure any of the luthiers here will have better advice, but from my limited experience, your problem is not uncommon. Google "wolf tones" or "wolf notes;" they can happen with any stringed instrument.

    Anything that changes the resonance of the body might be part of the problem such as change of humidity (could change action height/ break angle); also gauge/ make/ type / condition of strings, material and/or fit of bridge, etc.
  • BonesBones Moderator
    Posts: 3,311
    Probably your E open string is ringing after you hit the E fifth fret second string?

    D holes tend to be 'wetter' in my limited experience.
  • canvascanvas GermanyNew Jürgen Volkert, Geronimo Mateos Audrey
    Posts: 19
    At first thanks for the replies.
    Indeed the open strings are ringing after i have picked a note. I can stop it if i give a slight touche to the particular string. The hole guitar vibrates too. In the beginning
    the action seems to be higher and i cant hear this tones. Now the weather changed a bit and the neck angle seems to be lower. But i never thought this can cause such a loud ringing.
    Hope it gets better with a change of the weather.
  • BonesBones Moderator
    edited November 2016 Posts: 3,311
    Is the environment where you keep the guitar getting dryer or more humid? Is the top sinking down? You may need a case humidifier if the guitar is drying out due to low humidity. Also, always store the guitar in a good hardcase when not in use.
  • canvascanvas GermanyNew Jürgen Volkert, Geronimo Mateos Audrey
    edited November 2016 Posts: 19
    In the moment the environment is getting more humid. Most of the time we have a humidity of 60%. On some cold winterdays we get a humidity of 40%. But all in all it is quite stable. I think i have to observe this.
    If it holds on i try to use 10 th strings or maybe i can dampen the bridge a bit without killing the whole tone of the guitar.
  • BonesBones Moderator
    Posts: 3,311
    If you run a heater inside your house the humidity can be a LOT lower than it is outside. If your action is moving around something is happening. Maybe you should show it to a good luthier who knows about Selmacs.
  • canvascanvas GermanyNew Jürgen Volkert, Geronimo Mateos Audrey
    Posts: 19
    The humidity of 50-60% is in the rooms. Most of the time we have a quite stable humidity. In the afternoon i played a lot and I have compared the Audrey with my Dupont Nomade. The Nomade has the same reverb like the Audrey on exactly the same spots. On both guitares the low E and the A string cause the reverb.
    Both guitares are in the same room both stored in cases.
    The reverb on the Audrey is a little stronger because the audrey has a much louder tone and the top reacts lightning fast. The lightest touch of a fingertip or plek causes a significant tone. It has a cedar top and birdseye maple sides and bottom.
    The bridge is ebony. Some notes or frequencies are moving directly to the low E and A string. The nut in the bridge for the low E and A string is not deep. Only a small bit of the strings are in the nuts.
    I moved the bridge a little and the reverb gets a little weaker.
    In fact both guitares have this reverb on the same spots leads to the opinion that every guitar has this reaction. Some more some less.
    Maybe the Audrey has this from beginning and i wasnt able to hear this.
    I have to live with that because the Audrey is a wonderfull guitar with a complete different sound to the Nomade.
    And if i buy another GJ guitar, maybe in years or so, i not only press every note on every fret to hear the sustain and eventualy a buzz, i press every note and than lift the finger to hear the reverberations. This is what i have learned.
  • denk8denk8 ✭✭✭
    Posts: 39
    Does the bridge sit flat at the feet? . Try moving the bridge slightly. It could be the intonation. You may need a set up.
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