What is the standard height of the Gitane DG-255 Bridge?Thank you

What is the standard height of the Gitane DG-255 Bridge?Thank you


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    I never owned one so I'm sure but I played a few and they all had bridges that were pretty tall.
    I'd guess somewhere around 22-23 mm.
    I'm sure some of the owners will chime in once the holiday fog has lifted.
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    Welcome to the forum, lots of info and great people..


    My DG-250 has the medium Item: F-2922 (19mm) not sure what you need?

    Item: F-2921 low (17mm)

    Item: F-2922 Medium (19mm)

    Item: F-2923 High (21mm)

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    There is, of course, a standard from the factory, and that may be what your asking, but as the guitar ages you either sand (lower) or shim (raise) the bridge to get the string height you want. Guitars do not remain fixed in any dimension, but particularly in bridge height. Humidity and aging of the wood conspire to change neck angle and bracing more than anything else over time.
    The most stable guitars are usually the oldest and most expensive (old school wood prep), then the more expensive new guitar (where long drying times and aging of the woods have taken place) and lastly factory built guitars (where woods are likely to be a bit green, or maybe just maybe not).
    The general direction of bracing over time is down, so your typically slowly shimming rather than sanding the bridge shorter even if there is small up and down cycles related to the changes in humidity.

    Maybe you just wanted to know the standard height at the time of manufacture. If so, sorry to go on so much. I don't know that number.
    Pickitjohn's answer implies there might be three sizes available for the 250.

    Yesterday I shimmed my old D-500 bridge, but I've decided to build a new bridge for it, as my taste in relative string height (added to the changes in the guitar) have changed since I made the current bridge many years ago. The top of my D-500 had become concave (bracing movement) when I built that bridge 10-12 years ago. It sounds terrific anyway, but bridge regulation and fret leveling (from wood shrinkage at the neck-body join) are long past due.
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