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Django In June 2015

JMPJMP Berkeley, CA✭✭
Any early reports or rumors about who will be teaching and performing at Django In June 2015? Andrew always puts on such a great event, really the best in class. I'd like to start planning now in the hopes I can make it out this year.


  • kevingcoxkevingcox Nova Scotia✭✭✭✭ Dupont MD50
    Posts: 298
    I'm pretty sure that Tcha is back. Though it wasn't an official announcement, Andrew made a comment on Facebook a couple months back that indicated as much and he doesn't tend to say things like that lightly.
  • andoatagnandoatagn Northampton, MAProdigy
    edited January 2015 Posts: 134
    Hey Folks...just noticed this thread. I am putting the finishing touches on the staff/artists page of the website as we cyber-speak and hope to have it up very soon. Here's a list of some of the folks who will inhabit that page. (Could be more...but that depends on registration, which I hope to start within a week.)

    Wawau Adler, Joscho Stephan, RP Quartet, Sandro Roy, Tcha Limberger, Rino van Hooijdonk, William Brunard, Ghali Hadefi, Damien Levasseur, Tim Kliphuis, Don Stiernberg, Denis Chang, Adrian Holovaty, Jeff Radaich, Christine Tassan, Jack Soref and Dallas Vietty. Hope I didn't forget anyone.

    And I hope you can join us!
    BucoMichael Bauertobolek
  • kevingcoxkevingcox Nova Scotia✭✭✭✭ Dupont MD50
    Posts: 298
    So excited that William is back. I never really got to take a lesson from him because the day I went he was in rehearsals but I heard he was a great teacher and I loved his style.
    Wim Glenn
  • Charles MeadowsCharles Meadows WV✭✭✭ ALD Original, Dupont MD50
    Posts: 432
    I want to go! This year my son's birthday (6/23) doesn't fall during camp so I might be able to go. Anyone know for sure if they're gonna go?
  • EmmettRayEmmettRay Honolulu, Hawaii✭✭✭✭ Koa Iseman, AJL XO-503, Holo Busato
    Posts: 89
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