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GJ Artists Who Would Be Good to Contact for an Interview

edited October 2013 in Technique Posts: 30
I just bought a gj10 from here and am attempting to deconstruct the learning process by myself in earnest. I'm trying to stay motivated and positive following 10 years since high school when I fell in love with Django and decided I would never be able to learn to play myself.

I would like to interview some guitarists for publication in guitar magazines but I am having a hard time finding email addresses. I know privacy is a concern and the more famous players can't just post their email online. I am currently waiting on replies from emails sent through websites.

More importantly I was hoping you could refer to the names of some lesser known but recommended players you know or have heard of that I could listen to and try to contact. Specifically I was hoping for young players who have recently gotten to high level playing very quickly (I've heard some, of course, but they are already stars!). Of course names or contact info of any good guitarists would be great.

Of course I know some of you are great players but I am new to the forums so I'm not familiar yet.

We all know and admire the legendary stories of the masters of gypsy jazz mastering the technique by very young ages. It's seems to be part of the nature of Gypsy Jazz in a way. Some interviews about this phenomenon would be inspiring to guitarists of any genre. I'm just searching English but I feel like there aren't that many interviews of Gyspy Jazz guitarists published. Not as many as there should be anyway. Of course there are many masters I would love to talk to but who might be more inaccessible. Anyway, I can't seem to find email addresses of people I watch and listen to.

But there as so many I haven't heard of yet! There seem to be so many great players (how is that possible?!) so I'm telling myself I can do it too. Hopefully some of them would be kind enough to answer some of my questions for an interview about technique to be published. I would try to benefit them by promoting whatever they have to promote.

Thank you profusely


  • hanear21hanear21
    Posts: 62
    It seems like you're asking for two different things here. Do you want someone to give you advice for practicing gypsy jazz, or do you want to interview someone for a magazine? I'm sure the PR department of your guitar magazine can find the contact information of a famous guitarist. Which magazine do you write for?

    Also, you're asking for a lot of personal information without offering any info yourself. There are several huge gypsy jazz guitarists who frequent this forum, maybe you should leave your email address here and see if anyone is interested in contacting you.

    Now if you're just interested in learning how to study the style, you don't need to be in direct contact with these guys. There's a ton of free information available on the forum and just as much available for purchase on the internet. If you're interested in getting to know a particular player's approach then check out the "In the Style of..." lessons from Each lesson begins with the artist explaining their musical upbringing and their approach to practice.
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