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  • jonpowl 7:16PM

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How to amplify schertler basik on SR JAM 150

Hello there,

I've a manouche guitar, SR JAM 150 amplifier and the Schertler Basik Set transuctor.
I'm very frustrated about the output level.
Few weeks ago I bought a fishman pre-amp (this one ... 9443d6a25b ) but actually I have not completely solved the problem... the level is still low, only a little bit higher.
Now I'm going to buy a 48v phantom adapter hoping that in this way I can solve it...
Someone that already have the same configuration of mine can advice to how to best amplify the schertler transductor over the SR 150?

thank you


  • Al WatskyAl Watsky New JerseyVirtuoso
    Posts: 440
    I might consider returning the Fishman pre.
    Not because its not a good product , but because you should not need it.
    It may be a good idea to make sure you have found the best spot on the guitar top for the contact mic.The area of the board that has a balanced output, a contact mic is very location specific , it senses a very small area.
    Then be sure to not use too much putty and that you have good contact between the top and the transducer.
    Finally be sure you are operating your amp correctly.
    I didn't get too involved with looking over the spec's of your SR except to note its RMS , which should be loud as the crack of doom.
    If theres a trim pot for input make sure its giving your amp pre enough signal and experiment with your volume and master volume to get the sound pressure level you feel you need.
    Good Luck !
  • fabrixfabrix New
    Posts: 9
    Thank you Al,

    I know that the position on the board is very important in oder to obtain a good level but even I already found a good position the level isn't enough yet.
    Today I bought the 48v phantom adapter as suggested by Schertler but unfortunatly it not gave me more audio level.
    I am very annoyed about this.. tomorrow I will return the adapter to the dealer and will try the Schertler Active DI hoping it will work fine.

    I'm trying to read on specifications
    Basik trasnducer ( ... IK-MAN.pdf)
    after I read the Jam 150plus specs and the xlr input is 1k Ohm like the Basik output but when I use the 48v adapter and the phantom power the level result is still poor

    I really don't know which is the good solution to obtain enough level....

    I hope the active di will be the right solution otherwise I will think about to sell all and buy another amply accessorie

  • Al WatskyAl Watsky New JerseyVirtuoso
    Posts: 440
    I think some times if you know its not right for you, its not right.
    The Schertler is good, but if you need more signal you may need another pickup.
    These contact pickups are only medium out put when compared to other pickups.
  • fabrixfabrix New
    Posts: 9

    I tried the transductor with "venue lr baggs" DI and the audio level is significantly higher. Unfotunatly this DI is very expensive so I would like to obtain only more level with some accessorie less expensive.

    Anyway, as I wrote in the previous email I'm going to try the Schertler Active DI.
    This evening I will update this thread with news.

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