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DjangoFest 2013 $$

edited May 2013 in North America Posts: 2

I was really hoping someone can answer this question for me, with actual numbers..

How much money do I need to save up if I want to go to Djangofest, camp out, eat sandwiches, maybe go to dinner once or twice, but be able to attend all workshops and shows?

I' flying from Austin, tickets are $250, so, aside from that could someone give me a good estimate?

Thank you! Also, does anyone know when tickets are up for sale?


  • Archtop EddyArchtop Eddy Manitou Springs, ColoradoModerator
    Posts: 589
    I'll give it a shot but it's gonna be ball-park figures at best...

    If your'e camping, I believe camping sites are free or very inexpensive. Never done it myself, but others have and maybe they can pitch in here with some info.

    Cost for food on the island is about the same as anywhere else. There are no fast-food chains but you can find $5 sandwiches and $100 full-fledged gourmet meal. Your call. Lots of meals for around $20 from burgers and beer at a bar to Italian.

    Tickets are usually around $350 for all the shows. You can also buy individual show tix if you don't want to go to everything. Tickets usually go on sale around early May.

    Workshops are usually $40-$60 each and you since there's usually an overlap of workshop times you have to pick the one you want. My guess is that at best you might be able to go to about six workshops. However, it's easy to get overloaded with workshops so I suggest not doing more than four.

    To get to Djangofest from the SeaTac airport, you'll need to get from Seattle to Langley which is on Whidbey Island. This means you'll need a shuttle, pay for a ferry to the island, and once on the island transportation from the ferry to Langley. (NOTE: The following figures and phone numbers are are a few years old so they may be inaccurate at this time...)

    Shuttle from the airport is around $60 each way. You can check with Shuttle Express. Tell them you need round-trip rides from SeaTac to Mukliteo Ferry (About an 1hr 40 min ride each way), and they can give you a current rate. I believe their number is (206) 246-7675.

    I'm really guessing here since I've never been on the ferry without a car. But I'd think the ferry rates for non-vehicle passengers are around $20 or less each way.

    Once on Whidbey Island, you can get a taxi which would cost around $15 each way to and from Langley. I believe the phone number to South Whidbey Island Taxi is (360) 321-0203.

    Now if you can arrange to meet up with some folks at SeaTac and share a ride to and from Langley, you can save quite a bit of money. As we get closer to festival time, you'll see people posting here to offer ride shares so keep your eyes open.

    In a nutshell then:
    $0 camping
    $50 two nice meals
    $350 tix
    $240 workshops (4-6 workshops)
    $120 shuttle to-and-from airport
    $30 taxi to and from Langley

    Around $800 then if you pay for everything. If you cut back on tix, workshops and find a cheaper ride, you might be able to do it for $500. Either way, you'll still have a great time!

    One note: Sometimes it rains, sometimes not. It's something you need to consider when thinking about camping.

    Also please -- anyone with better price or phone info, jump in here and correct what I've said. Some of my data is quite old. This is good info for anyone new to DFNW, and I'm sure they'd be thankful for your input. AE
  • kalestilezkalestilez Long Beach, CA✭✭
    Posts: 35
    Hey man, glad to hear you are making the trek. I've camped out with my band the last couple years, and it's a blast. Payment at the campground is on the honor system, there's a cash collection box, I think it's supposed to be $10 a night, but you probably won't be hassled if you can't afford it.
    2011 was crazy windy & rainy, 2012 was beautiful but still cold. Make sure your tent is wind/water resistant, and your sleeping bag is warm. Also note that the airline is probably gonna charge $50 per checked bag, per trip, which makes camping kinda tricky.
    There's a grocery store in town that has killer sandwiches for around $6. That's our go-to lunch. Also, people at the campground are very nice and will usually let you use their grill, or even feed you. There's always a big campfire, so hot-dog on a stick is viable.
    Going to EVERY workshop is gonna cost you an arm & a leg, and to be honest, unless you are an advanced player, you will learn just as much from talking to people and playing in the djam circles. You might consider contacting Denis Chang or Jeff Radaich to set up a private lesson while you are up there (assuming you are a guitarist). They are both fantastic players & educators, who will charge you a fair price, provided they have the time to spare.
    Really though,If you are a beginner-intermediate player, then just hang around and ask questions. There are a ton of great players who djam all day & will be glad to help you out if you ask. Jim, Tony, & anyone from clan Ranger & the Rearrangers, to name a few.
    All of Eddie's aforementioned details regarding shuttles & ferries are still relevant. Hopefully you will find someone here on the forum who will give you a lift to & from SeaTac. See you at Djangofest!
  • HemertHemert Prodigy
    Posts: 263
    I'm actually planning to pay a visit to DFNW. I just want to see the festival and jam, maybe meet some members of the Rosenberg Academy and answer questions in person for a change! Is it possible to just buy tickets to jam or do I have to buy tickets to the concerts?
  • Archtop EddyArchtop Eddy Manitou Springs, ColoradoModerator
    Posts: 589
    Hi Christiaan. It's good to hear that you're planning to attend DFNW this year. I'm sure there are many people who will be excited to meet you -- me included! The bottom-line answer regarding your questions about tickets is that you do not have to buy jam or concert tickets to participate in most if not all of the jams. They do not sell jam tickets at the festival, only concert tickets. The jams are held all around town, in various bar locations after the shows, and even in the publicly open areas of WICA, where the concerts are being held. However, with that said, I feel I need to note the following -- something I'm sure you can appreciate given the hard work you put into the Rosenberg Academy. What pays for the festival's existence are the concert tickets, and to a lesser degree the guitar drawing. Offering support to these functions is important. WICA depends on a certain amount of ticket sales to pay for the staff, bring in and pay the artists, pay for the facilities, etc., and as fewer people support the shows, the more challenging it becomes to continue maintenance of this annual word-class festival. Buying concert tickets then becomes more than just about seeing the artists and their shows, it and/or buying guitar drawing tickets are ways to personally support the continued health and existence of DjangoFest NW. This year the festival will present Fapy Lafertin for his first-ever USA performance and the guitar drawing is for a custom AJL guitar specifically built for DjangoFest. Both, exciting opportunities to support the festival! Again, looking forward to seeing you at DFNW and thanks Christiaan for all the work you've done to support Gypsy Jazz through the Rosenberg Academy. AE
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