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Full Gonzalo/Adrien transcription for Django's Tiger

adrianadrian AmsterdamVirtuoso
edited January 2013 in Welcome Posts: 506
Hey all,

I've transcribed one of my favorite Gonzalo Bergara / Adrien Moignard videos, their duet on "Django's Tiger" from this Patrus video:

Here's the full transcription on Soundslice:

I've annotated the chords and sections, too, along with locations of some of the cooler licks. Feel free to add annotations for other licks/sections/whatever.



  • Archtop EddyArchtop Eddy Manitou Springs, ColoradoModerator
    Posts: 589
    Amazing transcript Adrian! A ton of work here -- thanks for sharing it and your incredible Soundslice software with all of us. Lots and lots of very cool licks here! AE
  • patrolpatrol Greece,Athens✭✭✭ Eimers & Goulielmos Antique
    Posts: 49
    wow ,great work . thanks for sharing :mrgreen:
  • StevearenoSteveareno ✭✭✭
    Posts: 349
    Thanks for adding this to Soundlslice Adrian! Still getting a grip on how to navigate Soundslice, but it's very cool and unique. One of my favourite Django tunes. Not an easy song to play. It's brisk, but when played well, still has a relaxed swinging sound. Also like your fingerstyle tunes. You make Selmacs sound good fingerpicked, which you don't hear too often. Because they're so loud, they cut thru well using a bare thumb. Light and delicate, but still good volume. I like to use a thumbpick, but it may be a little too much.
    Swang on,
  • Archtop EddyArchtop Eddy Manitou Springs, ColoradoModerator
    Posts: 589
    Hey all, want to bump up this thread give a shout out again to Adrian and his great Soundslice software. I checked out this transcription again today and am really diggin how easy and fun it is to get around in the software. I use a Mac and Firefox and moved over to Safari to operate Soundslice and it worked like a charm there. For those of you who haven't checked out this cool software, do yourself a favor and give it a try! AE
  • andoatagnandoatagn Northampton, MAProdigy
    Posts: 134
    I've been too busy to think this through or talk it over with Adrian yet, but I think there must be some way we could integrate Soundslice into our prep for Django in June this year. Several people could, for example, take on transcribing (or at least learning) a solo from one or more of the artists who will be on our staff, then meet with the artist at Django Camp and actually go over it. How cool would that be?

    Adrian Holovaty will be on our teaching staff this year, so it's a natural fit. And so will will both Gonzalo and Adrien Moignard, so another of their videos would make a good project. Of course, we could skip the transcription piece altogether and just use this transcription of Django's Tiger.

    I'm wide open to suggestions and if folks decide on something I'm happy to integrate it into our instructional program this year.

    Django in June
  • new mexico (current)✭✭
    Posts: 91
    Adrien....Nice Job DUDE!!!

    Happy Ny etc etc.
    Emmett told me your are officially part of the illustrious staff...good form!!
    Trusting baby, lady etc. are all well.
    I'll be in Chicago the 2nd week of May...
    Keep up your awesomeness!
  • TimmyHawkenTimmyHawken Lansing,MINew
    Posts: 118
    Wow--Go Adrian!

    Now I must figure out a way to make it to DIJ.

    I agree with the suggestion to integrate Soundslice. Having just recently completed my first Soundslice video, I'd like to add that the process of annotating a song from scratch has such great learning value. Having some sort of suggested pre-camp transcription sounds like a great idea.

  • AmundLauritzenAmundLauritzen ✭✭✭✭
    Posts: 236
    Fantastic work! Bravo!

    I'm going to lift some of those licks. I love to work on that tune, and those two players happen to be some of those I revere the most.

    You're doing a great favor for gypsy jazz education!
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