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'Moustache' dropped off

Jez TanJez Tan SingaporeNew
edited February 2006 in Gypsy Jazz 101 Posts: 39
I hav a Gitane DG-255, and unfortunately, the moustache bridge (the non-movable part) dropped off, any suggestions on adhensive that is suitable for such repair? It was an almost clean drop off, think i hit on the guitar too hard when the mic i was using kept feedbacking! Thanks in advance for any tips!
Tough time doesn't last, tough man does. Practice!


  • SoulShadeSoulShade NW Ohio, USANew
    Posts: 56
    If your interested in what might be the best for that application, and many other great guitar resources, check out, and go to their Free Information section.
    I would recommend Titebond glue with a good clamping system if their is no finish under the moustache, or a good brand Super Glue if there is. (Loc-Tite Super Glue etc.) It only takes a little amount!
    If you doubt whether you want to do it, take it to someone you trust. I hope this is helpful. -s
  • drollingdrolling New
    Posts: 153
    When I recieved my 250M, one of the moustaches was rattling around in the cardboard box. After calling my luthier for instructions, I stuck it back on myself w/5 minute epoxy. Use the outline of residue from the original glue to help w/exact positioning.

    I didn't use a clamp, but applied a tiny bead of glue to the underside of the moustache and pressed it into place w/my fingers.

    A couple of years later, it's still hanging in.
  • Jez TanJez Tan SingaporeNew
    Posts: 39
    Thank you guys for e answer! Think i will have to go get some glue and stick that piece of wood back! Thanks again!
    Tough time doesn't last, tough man does. Practice!
  • BluesBop HarryBluesBop Harry Mexico city, MexicoVirtuoso
    Posts: 1,379
    I´d be very careful doing that. Unless you really know what you are doing,
    just bring it to a good luthier.
    BTW, On the Bireli DVD I noticed that Tchavolo´s guitar is missing one of the whiskers too.
  • Hot Strings Guitar ShopHot Strings Guitar Shop Milford, Connecticut USANew
    Posts: 1
    As a Gitane dealer, I see these fall of from time to time. The Tite-bond hide glue is a bad idea, as often the moustache is glued to the finish and Tite-bond needs to be applied to the wood grain itself. Store bought super glue also is iffy. The bottle of industrial super glue that is available from the Stew-Mac website will glue anything to anything. Be careful not to get this stuff on your fingers. It only requires a small drop of glue to get it back on, so use this stuff sparingly.

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