Gitane DG-370 Dorado Schmitt Gitane DG-370 Dorado Schmitt Gitane The Gitane DG-370 is Saga's ultimate creation! Superior materials, workmanship, and design yield superior tone and playability. Arts & Entertainment > Hobbies & Creative Arts > Musical Instruments > String Instruments > Guitars > Acoustic Guitars saga-gitane-dg-370-sale 9916 1799.00
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Gitane DG-370 Dorado Schmitt

Gitane DG-370 Dorado Schmitt
Brand New Dorado Schmitt model Gitane DG-370! Best we've seen from Saga...great guitar! The DG-370 has a much warmer and drier tone then the lower end Sagas. Also has a very, very easy playing modern neck...this is their masterpiece!

This guitar features an unusually long 680mm scale (Selmers are 670mm, Busato and Favinos 675mm). Like a Favino, this guitar has A LOT of neck angle! Gives the guitar a nice bark....
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Gitane DG-370 Dorado Schmitt
9916 - Gitane DG-370 Dorado Schmitt
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