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Eastman Quality Comes to Gypsy Jazz

Eastman has long been admired for their premium quality archtop and flatop guitars. After a very long wait, we're excited to announce that Eastman now has a Gypsy model that meets their exceedingly high standards! Designed and produced in conjunction with the veteran Gypsy guitarist Doug Martin, the DM1 is largely based on Selmer's classic petite bouche model that was made famous in the hands of Django Reinhardt. The specs of the DM1 closely mirror that of Selmer's original design, including the 15 3/4" body, 670mm scale length, spruce top, and Indian rosewood back and sides. Additionally, the neck is maple and the instrument is outfitted with a set of nickel Gotoh tuners and a nickel tailpiece.

The DM1 is a Powerful Instrument with Professional Capabilities

Developed to meet the needs of the professional Gypsy jazz musician, this instrument produces the exceptional volume and traditional tone that are required for the genre. The acoustic volume this instrument produces is particularly noteworthy, as it is easily the loudest instrument available in the sub $2000 price range. Tonally, it is quite aggressive and "old school" in character, evoking the raw sound that was commonplace in the smokey Parisian clubs and campfire jams frequented by the Gypsies of yore.

As one would expect from Eastman, this instrument is perfectly setup out of the box and plays easily with 3mm action. The fit and finish is characteristically meticulous as Eastman's QC team carefully weeds out instruments with even the smallest imperfections.

Clearance for Magnetic Pickups

For those who like to use magnetic pickups such as the Stimer or Peche a la Mouche, you'll be happy to know that the DM1 has a significant neck angle which provides the required top clearance for these types of pickups. Occasionally, the very highest frets may fret out, but for the most part this guitar is compatible with top mounted magnetic pickups, a rarity in this price range.

A padded gig bag is included.

Never before has such a quality Gypsy jazz guitar been available at such an affordable price!

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Eastman DM1 Left Handed
9931 - Eastman DM1 Left Handed
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