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Selmer 607

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I'm sceptical about the marketing of this site; using 'VIP' to draw you in then only to have a week (?) to subscribe, with around £300 -£350 paid upfront for lifetime membership. What's the motivation to keep developing materials, say, in 12 months time?


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    How is this any different for what Robin Nolan and Yaakov Holter do? It's a pretty common model that I've seen used outside of the GJ world as well: Create excitement, offer some free materials to draw out the interested party, and create an air of exclusivity by stating a limited time to register.

    Good for them. The material I've seen looks well recorded and if the video player works as it appears that it will, this looks to be a great product. I'm not biting because I have too much material backlogged and have other guitar interests.
  • The other thing is if you were to sit down and take a private lesson with all of these guys, it would cost much more and you'd get much less information. If you don't feel that it is worth it for you, don't sign up.
  • quitos52quitos52 New
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  • JojoJojo
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    I think if you have a backlog of stuff to work through (I have too) then it would seemingly be unwise to shell out a lot of money for new material. I'm sceptical about the comparison of video versus private lesson as by definition they're very different beasts and teaching is a different skill set which they may or may not have. I have seen the videos and the quality (and sound) looks very good but I'm still not sure how motivated they'll be to create new content. Or maybe the amount they create depends on how many new 'VIPs' they recruit... if you get five years out of a £300 initial investment it may be a very good investment
  • nomadgtrnomadgtr Colorado Bumgarner Corazon
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    I signed up, the cost wasn't a big deal to me. Having the time to devote to it was more my concern. That being said, there is a boatload of videos already there for each of the artists as well as some other goodies. It will take me months to get through it all.
  • To each, their own. The marketing structure is the same as other folks.
    I've seen the quality of the material Clement has put out in the past and it was pretty good. I can imagine that this would be similar. In that sense, I don't feel that the marketing is dishonest in any sort. I am seasoned enough to surmise that lifetime access means lifetime access to what there is now and what is in the pipeline.

    On the business side of this, the producer of the content wants to make some money. In order to make it attractive to consumers, it helps to have an attractive draw. Seb, Rocky, Adrian, et al are top players and are a good draw. They have to/want to make some money for it and this comes either immediately from the content producer or some deferred payment. Bottom line is that they are doing this for some sort of fee.

    If I truly put myself through the paces of learning this material, I'm sure even 20 videos would be enough for a year. Using that as a baseline, if I learn one or two concepts from a video and apply the heck out of it and absorb it, my cost would be ~ £15 per video to actually learn. I've paid triple that to sit down with some great musicians and learned less. The "in the style of" lessons from a different producer, to me, offer the greatest value as I actually pick and choose what I learn at my pace.

    Honestly, I hope the content is good and people get value from it. And if there is something that I like, I'm glad to help the musician's economy.

  • Wim GlennWim Glenn oƃɐɔᴉɥƆModerator 503
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    Clement is reputable. I don't think you have anything to worry about here.
    richter4208Jim KaznoskyJosechikyBones
  • BonesBones Moderator
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    Yeah seriously. I certainly wouldn't worry about any scam thing or anything like that. It's more of a thing of how much time do you have to devote to practicing versus how much new material do you have/need. I think it's all good just a matter of personal bandwidth. It's all out there. Feast away...
  • edited March 2019 Posts: 2,798
    I took a quick look at their website they say they have 4-6 hours of material per soloist. That's a lot to digest already. You could make it years long study. Even lifetime.

    If you like what's there already then you buy into it. Don't look at the pipeline of what's coming. It's not Games of Thrones. The price is fair. The problem is the $1 app economy. Seriously. People got too used to it.

    Some of their marketing language at 607 school is a bit over the top. But who cares, that's not something to focus on. The point is that these are some of the best people playing in the genre. Some of the best on the instrument on the planet, period. They chose this financially extremely unrewarding genre to perform in. It's our luck really that they stick around. If they can make some $ out of this then good for them.

    The way I see it is they don't want to have way too many people overtaxing their servers so they limited the number of signups so that the services can run smoothly. Responsible decision in my view. They attached the VIP acronym to it... whatever.
    Wim GlennBones
    Every note wants to go somewhere-Kurt Rosenwinkel
  • BonesBones Moderator
    edited March 2019 Posts: 2,886
    Yeah seriously, the instructional materials are over the top so much better than it has ever been. Think back to 20 or 30 years ago. Night and day. Or how about the days when they had to sit there and drag their fingers to slow down the old 78s to try and hear what Django was doing. Seriously. It's really up to the student at this point.
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